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Music / Musique

A musician playing the drums at Concordia University's Electroacoustic Studies program.

As the Art Volt Toolbox includes an exhaustive list of resources applicable to all departments, browsing by discipline can allow for more personalized searches. Visit the category pages for more context, or contact us at if you have questions.


Comme la boîte à outils d’Art Volte comprend une liste exhaustive de ressources applicables à tous les départements, la navigation par discipline peut permettre des recherches plus personnalisées. Visitez les pages des catégories pour plus de détails ou contactez-nous à l'adresse si vous avez des questions.

Creation & Dissemination

Producing your work

Rehearsal spaces

Technical labs and production centers

  • CJLO
    CJLO’s production department has a fully equipped recording studio along with a separate sound-proof recording room. This studio employs digital recording and mixing equipment, along with a new Soundcraft LX7ii Mixing Board and complete drum set. Alumni of Concordia University benefit from a 50% discount on listed rates.
  • Eastern Bloc
    Eastern Bloc is an artist-run centre with a lab for research and production. Members can use it to work on electronic projects and light manufacturing. The lab gives access to a 3D printer, a paint oven, a milling machine, a moulding and painting room, and much more.
  • OBORO’s new media lab
    This is a link to a New Media Lab’s reservation form and is catered to anyone in film, audio, and  media presentation. 
  • Solo Drum Studio
    Solo Drum Studio offers rehearsal spaces, music lessons and recording facilities for all musicians. With 11 fully equipped rooms and a recording studio, we cater to fit your needs at affordable rates.


Presenting your work

Installation for performances

  • Stage Lighting
    A guide on stage lighting, including the lighting design process, choosing lighting equipment, setting up the stage and running the show.

Funding & Financial Literacy

View resources and tools to help you manage your finances, generate revenue and find financial support for your creative practice.

Managing your finances

Preparing your Budget

  • The Machinery: Cost Estimator for Touring a Show
    This tool allows you to estimate the real costs of a tour, as well as to estimate the set cost of a work. It can help you determine the minimum fee that should be charged to the presenter(s) to cover the costs of each performance.

    To access any resources provided by The Machinery, you will need to join their community and create a free online account. If you have questions you can email them at

    Preview this tool >

Copyrights, publishing and intellectual property


Funding your practice

Funding bodies and programs

  • Factor
    The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings is a public/private partnership that supports the production of sound recordings by Canadian musicians and helps Canadian music companies make recordings available to a wider public. They provide numerous programs including, but not limited to, artist development, collective initiatives, funding for music companies, songwriting development, sound recordings, sponsorships and more.


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