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Studios and rental spaces / Studios et locaux à louer

  • Conseil des arts de Montréal Studio rentals
    Available rental spaces for those in music, dance and multidisciplinary practices. This service is only available for members.
  • La Cenne
    Rent spaces for rehearsals, hosting events, performances and classes.
  • LA SERRE – arts vivants
    Small and large studio to rent every week in Ahuntsic-Cartierville.
  • List of rehearsal spaces for dancers, shared by Lucy May
  • MAI
    The Montréal, arts interculturels offers its gallery, theater, café and two rehearsal spaces at affordable prices.
  • Studio 303
    Located in downtown Montreal, Studio 303 offers affordable renting rates for rehearsals, independent production or photo and video shoots.
  • Theatre Aux Ecuries
    A theatre that offers a performance space, three studios for rehearsals, readings, lighting tests, broadcasting, residencies, etc.
  • Youtheatre
    Youtheatre is located in the mile-end and is happy to serve its community by making its rehearsal hall available to local artists. Lighting and other types of equipment are also available for rental. 
  • Geordie’s Play Lab
    Located in St-Henri, Geordie’s Play Lab can be rented as a rehearsal space or a place from which you can broadcast your performance.

  • Atelier Clark
    Atelier Clark's mission is to support, assist and encourage artists and visual art students of the greater Montréal area by giving them access, at reduced rates, to a specialized woodshop
  • Atelier La Coulé
    Atelier La Coulée is a solidarity coop with workshops and equipment to produce metal sculptures. They are specifically equipped for welding and casting.
  • CJLO
    CJLO’s production department has a fully equipped recording studio along with a separate sound-proof recording room. This studio employs digital recording and mixing equipment, along with a new Soundcraft LX7ii Mixing Board and a complete drum set. Alumni of Concordia University benefit from a 50% discount on listed rates.
  • Eastern Bloc
    Eastern Bloc is an artist-run centre with a lab for research and production. Members can use it to work on electronic projects and light manufacturing. The lab gives access to a 3D printer, a paint oven, a milling machine, a moulding and painting room, and much more.
  • L'imprimerie
    This artist-run centre offers its members several specialized resources and services in digital printing, screen printing, plate lithography, intaglio or relief printing and alternative photography.
    OBORO’s New Media Lab offers a vast array of equipment and professional resources. It is an ideal location for photo, video or film shoots as well as for filming that require keying. The Lab is optimized for sound design as well as for recording, mixing and mastering in stereo or surround. OBORO offers video, DVD and multimedia post-production studios, conference and meeting rooms as well as multi use spaces and a wide array of video, audio and multimedia mobile equipment.
  • PRIM
    PRIM is an artist-run centre that has post-production facilities for sound and image, a music mixing studio, VR shooting equipment and workstations.
  • Solo Drum Studio
    Solo Drum Studio offers rehearsal spaces, music lessons and recording facilities for musicians. They have 11 fully-equipped rooms and a recording studio.
  • Vidéographe
    The digital labs are accessible to Vidéographe’s members, and also to people who have a valid membership with PRIM, Main Film, GIV, SPIRA, Paraloeil, Eastern Bloc, FCTNM and Bande Sonimage.

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