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Sourcing your materials and equipment / Matériel et équipement

  • La boutique des ARTS de la Coop UQAM
    The Boutique des ARTS de la Coop UQAM is located in the Judith Jasmin Pavilion, and offers a range of specialized and exclusive artistic material including: screen printing, engraving, painting, stationery, hardware and books. The co-op caters to both university and the professional artistic community.
  • Concordia Art Supply Store
    The on-campus Art Supply Store carries hundreds of quality products at affordable prices for all creative needs: ranging from fine art supplies, tools and presentation materials to frames and supports. Also includes an extensive selection of fine art paper.
  • Coop Saint-Laurent des Arts
    The Coop Saint-Laurent des Arts offers an impressive range of papers, pencils, brushes and canvases: all the tools you need to express yourself in drawing or painting.

  • Écoscéno's online store
    Écoscéno's mission is to reduce the negative environmental impact of cultural production.
    Concordia University’s Center for Creative Reuse is dedicated to diverting materials from inside Concordia’s waste-stream and offering them to the general community free of cost. Membership is offered for those interested in using the used material depot, shed and tool library.

  • CineGround
    CineGround strives to provide innovative and cutting-edge digital cinema solutions, from shoot to post.
  • Espace Costume
    Espace Costume is one of the largest costume designers in North America. Located in the heart of Montreal, they offer a costume rental service for film, television and theater productions.
  • La Remise
    La Remise is a non-profit solidarity cooperative that stores common use tools made available for loans. They also offer workspaces, and wood, sewing and bike workshops.
  • Le Grand Costumier
    Le Grand Costumier has a collection of more than 100,000 pieces available to media productions and the performing arts.
    Camera and film production equipment rental.
  • MainFilm
    Main Film is an artist-run center that supports independent filmmakers in defining their artistic voices and cinematic vision. It helps them develop and hone into their practice. They offer artists access to a wide range of professional and reliable equipment at very affordable rates.
  • PRIM
    PRIM's filming equipment is at your disposal to carry out all your film or video projects from HD to 4K, classic or ambisonic sound recording, and virtual reality.

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