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Laura Jeffery

portrait of the artist

Photo credit: Katayoon Yousefbigloo

About the Artist

Laura Jeffery is a dancer/choreographer/musician presently residing in Tio’tia:ke/Montréal. She is a 2021 graduate from the Contemporary Dance program at Concordia University, recipient of the James Saya Award and participant in both the Atlas 2021 Further Choreographic Training program and danceWEB 2023 at the international dance festival ImPulsTanz. As a musician she has played, recorded and toured internationally in multiple bands, including Fountain, Laughing, Heaven for Real, and Zad Kokar & les Combi Beyaz. Some of her previous choreographic work includes The Big 1, Mr Shifter Presents: some flamingos and a fruit fly, as well as Tenderness 100 ! She is currently working on her first long-form dance piece, titled I am the fly in the Plasma Pool.

I am the fly in the Plasma Pool

Presented by Tangente as part of LABdiff in May 2024

I am the fly in the Plasma Pool is a post-punk dance/music performance exploring the body’s complex relation to contagion (both biological and energetic), working with play, humour, and irreverence, to transform this often-fraught relationship into a space for experimentation.

I approach dancemaking through the lens and influence of music. I explore the fusion of dance, music, and performance, working to subvert hierarchical forms and ideas around performance. My work explores intensity, playfulness, and the beauty of effort and imperfection. My work screams connection and DIY collaboration.

a single person performing with fabric draped over their head Photo credit: Sigrid Patterson

About LABdiff

Put on your slippers, get a drink, and take in three artistic offerings during an eclectic and lively evening for the inaugural season of LABdiff! Following three weeks of exploratory research in our very own underground, Espace Vert, the artists will offer you the fruit of their experiments in the form of a public presentation. With this new presentation model, Tangente opens the doors of its laboratory to cultivate a privileged and intimate relationship between artists and spectators.

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Recognising the generous support

This initiative is made possible by the generous support of the Peter N. Thomson Family Innovation Fund.


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