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Alice Gaboury-Moreau

Portrait of the artist

About the Artist

Alice Gaboury-Moreau is an animator, illustrator and designer based in Montreal. She graduates from Concordia University in 2021 with a BFA in Design and a minor in Animation.

Alice has dabbled in many types of designs ever since her time in school, (from typesetting magazines to artwork for bands, editorial illustrations, posters, children’s book, logo design, and many more!!!), but her true passion lies in frame-by-frame animation and title design for the cinema. Ever since she was little, Alice was glued to her TV screen and simply existed alongside the buzzing of the shows she would watch and rewatch while drawing invented characters for hours on end. To this day, she gets profoundly inspired by stories told through films and series, as the medium combines images and rhythm, two key aspects of Alice’s practice.

In the last few years, Alice has had the chance to collaborate with filmmakers and musicians, to create music videos, documentaries, educational animations and title sequences. She has also directed a few projects of her own, which have been recognized for their originality, frenzyness and refreshing humour. Alice’s work aims to explore the beauty and the funny that can be found in the mundane. She’s obsessed by themes of self-perception, routine and domesticity, focusing on the absurdity of certain parts of the ordinary. Her narratives and visuals are impressionistic, and explore the emotions associated with the small (and yet...!) things in life.

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Still from a video artwork - drawing of people cooking and eating Still from "COMING OVER", by Alice Gaboury-Moreau


Work Presented at Bouclair from March 18th to April 28th, 2024

COMING OVER is a looping hand drawn and painted animation featuring objects, furniture, and rooms from my favorite apartments in the city. It’s a collage of joyful and restful moments in places that bring me comfort. The work features a tapestry of lived-in spaces. They coexist on the screen, sometimes interacting, sometimes blending and ultimately melting into one big feeling of home.

This project is both a love letter to places I feel good in, and an exploration of my changing relationships to the agency I have on my environment. The work reflects on the tension between responsibility and comfort and the delicate equilibrium between tending to a space and allowing yourself to enjoy it. Making, and then erasing any trace of mess. The pencil drawings and rough acrylic texture echo this idea of mess as a beautiful thing. This piece embraces the idea of spaces as beautiful when taken care of, as well as when they are lived in.

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