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Marcela Borquez

Portrait of Marcela

Photo credit: José Manuel Duque

About Marcela

Marcela Borquez is a Mexican cultural worker and artist-educator based in Montréal. Her work is centred around collective engagement and questions surrounding identity and belonging. She has coordinated public programs in collaboration with museums, libraries, and community centers. As part of the collective Cuerpo Estratégico, she explores the format of the workshops as an artistic practice and the performative corporal dimensions of learning. She is an active collaborator of the artist network Red de Pedagogías Empáticas and co-founder of Avalokita, a non-profit organization dedicated to disseminating resources for the arts.

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More about the project: Pedagogical Entanglements

During my research of Esse’s archives, I would like to explore texts that deepen our understanding of how contemporary artistic practices can reshape the ways in which we make sense collectively. My main focus is the strategies put at play by artists, curators, art critics, and other actors within the Canadian art field to transform what, where, and how we learn. I would like to take this residency as an opportunity to shed light on the skills, perspectives, and knowledge that have been overshadowed by structures of oppression in this territory, as much as to participate in an exercise of critical self-reflection. Ultimately, my objective is to delve into and contribute to an ongoing dialogue surrounding the potential of these practices to pave alternative paths for self-determination and collective existence.

Esse archived articles referenced: 

(Re)Negotiating Every. Now. Then’s Invisible Centre: Institutional White Spatiality by Justine Kohleal

Romeo Gongora Just Watch Me by Ariane De Blois

No One Gives a F**k About a Cop and Fredy: Conveying the Voices of the Collectivity by Edith Brunette

The Labours of Relational Art by Marie-Josée Lafortune

Zinnia Naqvi the Translation is Approximate by Dominique Sirois-Rouleau

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Recognising the generous support

This initiative is made possible by the generous support of the Peter N. Thomson Family Innovation Fund.


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