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IELTS test policies

Proof of ID

Please note that you will be asked to upload a good quality scan of your proof of identity (ID) when you apply. You can also scan your ID or take a picture with your cellphone and email it to after you complete your on-line application.


  • If your proof of identity has been sent for visa extensions, please delay applying for the IELTS test until it has been returned.
  • If you do not bring the same ID(that you have registerd with), on the test date (a valid and an original passport or Permanent resident card) you will NOT be allowed to sit for the test, and no refund will be granted.
  • Please note that "True Copies" are not accepted. 
The ONLY proof of identity (ID) that is accepted are:
  • Passport (original and must be valid and unexpired) 
  • Permanent Residency Card (PR Card)

**If you hold a Refugee Protection Claimant Document or Travel Documentplease contact us at and we will be happy to guide you through the application process.

Once you have completed your IELTS application, you will:

Receive, by email, an "IELTS Application Summary and Documents Confirmation". This includes:

  • A link to the secure on-line payment
  • Your reference number
  • Your IELTS test date
  • The module you have registered for

Illness on IELTS Test Day

If you are ill on the test day, the following documents must be provided within five business days of the test date:

  1. An original medical certificate covering the test date (only original medical notes are accepted)
  2. A completed Transfer/Refund Form

If BOTH required documents are not received by the fifth business day after your test date, you will be marked as absent. As well, you will have forfeited your right to any and all claims. Copies sent by fax or email are not accepted. Please note medical notes issued by family members are not accepted.

If both documents reach us within the deadline, you have two options:

  1. A full refund of the test fee, less an administrative fee of $90
  2. A single transfer to a new test date (within three months of the original test date); you will be charged an administrative fee of $90 for the test date transfer.

Candidates who receive a transfer to a new test date (either before the test or due to illness) and who are ill on the second test date are not entitled to a refund of the test fee nor to any further transfer to a new test date.

IELTS Test Date Transfer/Cancellation Policies

Candidates must fill in and forward an application for refund or test day transfer no later than four weeks prior to the test date.  IELTS request refund or test date transfer form.

  1. Cancellations

You can cancel your IELTS test registration at any time before taking your test by notifying your Test Centre. Refund terms depend upon when you cancel and whether exceptional circumstances apply.

1. Time to test date

1.1 More than 14 days before the test:

If you cancel your IELTS test registration more than 14 days before the test you will receive a 75% refund of the total test fee.

1.2 Within 14 days but more than three days before the test:

If you cancel your IELTS test registration within 14 days but more than three days before the test you will receive a 50% refund of the total test fee.

1.3 Within three days of the test:

If you cancel your IELTS test registration within three days of the test you will not receive any refund.

2. Test taker exceptions

You may make a case for exceptional circumstances to your test centre before the test and up to five days after the test date if you did not attend the test. Your test centre will respond to you within seven working days of receiving your case in writing. Your test centre will assess your case for exceptional circumstances.

All cases for exceptional circumstances and supporting evidence must be received by your test centre no later than five days after the scheduled test date.

If your test centre approves your case, you will receive a full refund less an administration fee of no more than 25% of the test fee.

If your test centre does not approve your case, then the terms given in Section 1 will apply.

We define exceptional circumstances as:

  • serious medical conditions which prevent you from attending or performing normally on test day; such conditions require supporting evidence of a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner. Please read "Illness on test day" on page Book your test
  • evidence of bereavement, trauma or other forms of significant hardship
  • military service.

Select a New IELTS Test Date

Candidates who have been approved for transfer must select a test date within the next three-month period and this will be approved by the Administrator depending on availability for the selected test date. There may be limited availability for test dates in the first five-week period. Candidates who wish to transfer to a test date more than three months away should apply for a refund and then re-apply for the test.

Plan your time carefully

For example, candidates will not be permitted to go to feed their parking meter during the test. 

  • Arrive 20 minutes before your assigned time for registration
  • The speaking test lasts approximately 20 minutes
  • Exact time and location will be confirmed by email on the Wednesday before the test

Candidates arriving at the test venue more than 15 minutes late will not be permitted to take the test and will have to re-apply. NO refund will be made for the missed test. 

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