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Get Your IELTS Test Results

How can I check my IELTS Result?

Your results will be available to view online, at your Test Taker Portal, after they are released and are valid for two years. These do not provide an official confirmation of your performance, for that, you’ll need your IELTS Test Report Form.

What is the IELTS Test Report Form?
The IELTS Test Report Form (or TRF) is the official confirmation of your test result that can be shared as proof of your English language proficiency. This can either be a paper copy for IELTS on Paper or an electronic version (eTRF) for IELTS on Computer.

How long would it take to get my IELTS Result?

•        IELTS On Paper taken at a Test Centre – 13 days.

•        IELTS On Computer taken at a Test Centre – 3 to 5 days.

How will I receive my TRF?

•        If you’ve taken IELTS On Computer: you will receive your results electronically only. You can download the electronic version (eTRF) from the Test Taker Portal 3-5 days after your test. No additional physical Test Report Forms will be issued.

•        If you have taken IELTS on paper: One personal paper TRF will be sent by normal post to the address provided at registration or it can be collected in person at the test centre, if you had requested before the results are released. No second personal paper copies will be issued.   

How will my TRF be shared with the organisations I’m applying to?

•        If you’ve taken IELTS On Computer: The electronic copy of the TRF (IELTS On Computer Test Takers) can be downloaded from your Test Taker Portal and you can send it to the organisations you are applying to by email, by post (printing it out) or directly -by you- from your Test Taker Portal.

•        If you have taken IELTS on paper:  We can send TRF printed or electronic copies (additional TRF -aTRF-) directly to the institutions you are applying to (e.g. universities, companies, immigration offices, etc). If you would like us to do this, please include the relevant addresses on the Test Taker Portal within two years of taking the test (postal or currier fees to be paid by the Test Taker as applicable).

If the institution you are applying to accepts or requires only the TRF Number, you can get it through your Test Taker Portal. 

It is no longer a requirement to provide Test Takers a second personal hardcopy of the TRF for the purposes of application to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

IELTS One Skill Retake (OSR)

Since OSR is for now only available for Academic Purposes and IELTS On Computer, only eTRFs will be provided to Test Takers. IELTS On Computer TRF issuing conditions will apply, except no aTRF will be issued for One Skill Retake results.


How do I know which TRF format does the organisation/institution accepts?

You should receive this information as part of the application requirements. Consider double-checking with the organisation before requesting an aTRF.

If you are notified that your results will be digitally verified via the Results Verification Portal, you will need to add the organization's or institution's details to your Test Taker Portal for your results to be activated for this purpose. Then, you won't need to share any paper or electronic aTRF—just your TRF number, which may be found on your Test Taker Portal.

I can’t send my eTRF directly to the organisation

You have the option to ask your Test Centre to submit your eTRF on your behalf to the organisation. For more information, get in touch with us.

If you have any question, please contact us at

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