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IELTS Test Dates

Test dates depend on the chosen format of the test and the chosen module. The cadidate is solely responsible for the choices made. Concordia University is not responsible for any errors related to the selection of the wrong module. Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain a refund should you choose the wrong module.

First, choose your IELTS test format


  • Get faster results: you will get your results as fast as 3 to 5 business days after the test date.
  • If you are looking for a more condensed testing format, we recomend you take the IELTS test on a computer. It allows you to take both the written and speaking tests on the same day.
  • If you have a hearing disability, the computer-delivered option is the best for you because of the higher sound quality during the test, provided by individual headphones.



  • If you write faster than you type, we recommend you opt for the IELTS on paper test instead of the IELTS on computer. It will save you some time and efforts.
  • If you are not technology savvy, the IELTS on paper test is definitely the best option for you!
  • The IELTS on paper option is definitely the smother option because the written test is one day and the speaking test is on another day, making this a 2-day test instead of completing everything at once.


Summary of IELTS test format options

The IELTS test content, timing and structure remain the same in both options and, importantly, the speaking test remains face-to-face with a certified IELTS Examiner. Whether you take IELTS on paper or computer, you can be confident you are taking the same trusted English language test.

Next, choose the IELTS Academic or General Training module

It is the IELTS test taker’s responsibility to choose between the Academic or General Training Module. Concordia University is not responsible for any errors related to the selection of the wrong Training Module. Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain a refund should you choose the wrong Training Mode.

IELTS Academic Module: For study purposes

The Academic Module evaluates the full range of formal language skills for academic purposes. It is for test takers who seek admission to undergraduate and postgraduate programs and courses since it assesses a test taker’s readiness to study or train in English. The Academic Module is also suitable for professional purposes since it specifies to future employers the test taker’s level of English proficiency. 

IELTS General Training Module: For work or immigration purposes

The General Module is for test takers who are going to English speaking countries to either complete their Secondary education, undertake work experiences, training programs or to qualify for immigration to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the United States.

IELTS Test Module  IELTS Test Date 2024 Speaking Skill on**
GT & AC 2024-02-02 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-02-02 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-02-03 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-02-03 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-02-03 (Saturday) On Paper** 2024-02-02 (Fri.)**
GT & AC 2024-02-04 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-02-04 (Sun.)
GT & AC 2024-02-09 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-02-09 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-02-10 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-02-10 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-02-11 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-02-11 (Sun.)
GT & AC 2024-02-16 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-02-16 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-02-17 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-02-17 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-02-17 (Saturday) On Paper** 2024-02-16 (Fri.)**
GT & AC 2024-02-18 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-02-18 (Sun.)
GT & AC 2024-02-23 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-02-23 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-02-24 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-02-24 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-02-25 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-02-25 (Sun.)
GT & AC 2024-03-01 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-03-01 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-03-02 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-03-02 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-03-03 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-03-03 (Sun.)
GT & AC 2024-03-08 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-03-08 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-03-09 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-03-09 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-03-09 (Saturday) On Paper** 2024-03-08 (Fri.)**
GT & AC 2024-03-10 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-03-10 (Sun.)
GT & AC 2024-03-15 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-03-15 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-03-16 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-03-16 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-03-17 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-03-17 (Sun.)
GT & AC 2024-03-22 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-03-22 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-03-23 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-03-23 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-03-23 (Saturday) On Paper** 2024-03-22 (Fri.)**
GT & AC 2024-03-24 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-03-24 (Sun.)
GT & AC 2024-03-29 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-03-29 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-03-30 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-03-30 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-03-31 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-03-31 (Sun.)
GT & AC 2024-04-05 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-04-05 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-04-06 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-04-06 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-04-07 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-04-07 (Sun.)
GT & AC 2024-04-12 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-04-12 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-04-13 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-04-13 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-04-14 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-04-14 (Sun.)
GT & AC 2024-04-19 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-04-19 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-04-20 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-04-20 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-04-21 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-04-21 (Sun.)
GT & AC 2024-04-26 (Friday)     On Computer 2024-04-26 (Fri.)
GT & AC 2024-04-27 (Saturday) On Computer 2024-04-27 (Sat.)
GT & AC 2024-04-27 (Saturday) On Paper** 2024-04-26 (Fri.)**
GT & AC 2024-04-28 (Sunday)   On Computer 2024-04-28 (Sun.)

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