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Space application

A space application form must be submitted to the CCRH before the use of any CCRH space can be approved.

Before filling out the space application form be sure to have reviewed our CCRH Space policy for an explanation of our Research Tiers, and requirements to book a space.

Space application form

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Financial contribution

CCRH Facilities, especially those located in our training clinic (see Space Policy) require ongoing maintenance and support. In general, it is expected that any applications for funding of research or other activities to take place in CCRH Space will incorporate financial support for the maintenance of CCRH’s equipment and other facilities. As a guide, Primary and Co-Applicants should expect to incorporate a contribution in any grant application that funds activities to take place in CCRH Space.

Below is an outline of the Space Booking Fees Policy:

  • Researchers will be charged for the use of the clinic rooms between $5 and $15 / hour. The specific amount depends on the amount of funding the researcher has received for the study. If the average funding amount for the study is higher than $100,000 per year (Canadian dollars), the user fee will be $15/hour for each clinic room.
  • If the average yearly amount of the obtained funding for the study is lower than $100,000, the fee per hour will be adjusted pro-rata (i.e. amount of the grant for that year, divided by 10,000, plus 5 (capped at $15). For example, someone with a grant of $25,000/year will pay $7,50 per hour in that year. Someone with a grant of $125,000/year will pay $15 per hour.
  • The type of financial contribution can take up various forms, e.g. purchase/maintenance of certain infrastructure (e.g., hardware, software), salary support for administrator, etc. The specific form of the contribution to CCRH and the expected use of the space will be discussed with the executive committee prior to the start of the study and may be reconsidered / adjusted each year.
  • Before the start of each project, the researcher will fill in the Space Request Form at least one month prior to the start of data-collection. Each space request will be reviewed by members of the executive committee and details of the space request such as, for example: cancellation policy, will be evaluated and discussed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account individual study factors such as the nature of the study and of the space request, as well as factors such as space demands by other researchers.

*Charges per hour are based on time booked, not time used.


* If NO, please contact the Executive Committee to arrange a meeting at

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