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Everything you need to know about the requirements for ethics compliance for research involving human subjects or animals. This section will also provide you with links to helpful guides, forms, tools and policies.

The role of the Research Ethics Unit (Office of Research) is to:

  • Ensure the compliance and ethical integrity of all research done under the auspice of Concordia
  • Ensure that all research is conducted in accordance with applicable regulations including international, federal and provincial law, as well as granting agency and Concordia policies.

Learn more about Concordia's ethics policy, our approval process, and download key forms related to research involving animals or humans.

Important new information

- Effective immediately, researchers are not required to submit a Scholarly Review Form for minimal risk research. Please see the Instructions section of the Scholarly Review Form for more information.

- All faculty ethics submissions are routed through Concordia’s electronic ConRAD system.
ConRAD Ethics Submission Checklist 

- All student ethics submissions must be sent via email to

Forms for Research Involving Human Participants

Summary Protocol Form (SPF)  [English doc]
Information and Consent Form Template
Biomedical Information and Consent Form Template
[English doc]
[English doc]
Sample Consent Form Template French
[French doc]

Instructions for Writing A Consent Form
Human Ethics Submission Checklist 

[English doc][English doc]

Annual Report Form [English doc]
Scholarly Review Form [English doc]
Abbreviated Summary Protocol Form** for Pedagogical Purposes Only - Minimal Risk Student Course Related Research for Departmental Review [English doc]

Forms for Research Involving Animals

Animal Use Summary Protocol Form [English doc]
Appendix 1a - Specific Experiments [English doc]
Appendix 1b - Specific Teaching Activities [English doc]
Appendix 2 - Genetically Modified Animals  [English doc]

** This DOES NOT include thesis research.


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