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Grants Administration

The Grants Administration team assists with all pre and post grant award administration processes.

A few of the key services provided by the Grants Administration unit include: 

  • administrative review of grant applications and
  • pre- and post award grants management, including assisting with meeting progress report requirements, understanding the next installment exercise of certain agencies, requesting a deferral of installments or grant extensions.  

All proposals submitted by University faculty members are reviewed by Office of Research staff to ensure adherence to internal and external policies and procedures.  Certain aspects of the application process need significant lead time before the agency deadline, such as preparation of an online curriculum vitae or translation requirements. More details on the application process and important deadlines are available on our website, or contact your faculty research development advisor or another member of the Office of Research staff team for further information.

Grant application submission process

  • The Grants Administration unit provides an administrative review of the grant application and will send the faculty member comments and suggestions via e-mail.
  • Using the comments and suggestions, the faculty member will prepare the final version of the application and all necessary copies (including one extra copy for the Office of Research).  The final package (and copies) should be submitted to the OOR at least two working days before the agency deadline, to ensure that the last signature and approval from the Associate Vice-President, Strategy and Operations can be obtained.
  • The grant application is then submitted, either electronically or by courier.

ConRAD Checklist

Grant adjudication by agency

  • In the following months, the grant application will be evaluated by the funding agency. If required, this is a good time to obtain Human/Animal Research Ethics approval for the research project. 

Awarded grants

  • If the application is successful, the OOR will prepare a Notification of Award, provided that all conditions for the grant have been met. For grants requiring ethics compliance approval, the notification can only be released after approval has been obtained.
  • Financial Services will then create a research account for the awarded grant, following which the faculty member will be able to access the research funds for the project.  

NOTE: these forms are to be used ONLY by researchers who have not yet taken up their appointment at Concordia University, as well as affiliate professors who do not have access to ConRAD. 

All other researchers must submit through ConRAD. 

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