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Graduate students

Graduate students are at the heart of laboratory research at the CSBN.

The CSBN's reputation as a center for excellence in graduate training attracts both Canadian and international graduate students.

Graduate students are admitted at both the Masters and Doctoral levels.

Graduate students at the CSBN conduct comprehensive research projects using sophisticated behavioral and cutting-edge neuroscientific approaches. Their findings are published in top-tier journals and widely presented as conferences within and outside Canada.

CSBN graduate students are supported through a combination of teaching assistantships, fellowships from University or government granting agencies, and research assistantships.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact individual CSBN members directly, well in advance of the deadline for application to the graduate program (Dec 15).

In addition to describing your reasons for wanting to join a CSBN member's research team, it is helpful to summarize relevant prior experience and provide a copy of your academic transcript and CV.

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