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Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology

FRQS Groupe de recherche en neurobiologie comportementale



Published articles, reviews, and book chapters by CSBN members from 2009 to the present.


Liu D, Stowie A, de Zavalia N, Leise T, Pathak SS, Drewes LR, Davidson AJ, Amir S, Sonenberg N, Cao R (2018) mTOR signaling in VIP neurons regulates circadian clock synchrony and olfaction. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 115:E3296-E3304. [PubMed] [DOI]

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Cuesta S, Restrepo-Lozano JM, Silvestrin S, Nouel D, Torres-Berrio A, Reynolds LM, Arvanitogiannis A, Flores C (2018) Non-contingent exposure to amphetamine in adolescence recruits miR-218 to regulate Dcc expression in the VTA. Neuropsychopharmacology 43:900-911. [PubMed] [DOI]

Muir J, Lorsch ZS, Ramakrishnan C, Deisseroth K, Nestler EJ, Calipari ES, Bagot RC (2018) In vivo fiber photometry reveals signature of future stress susceptibility in nucleus accumbens. Neuropsychopharmacology 43:255-263. [PubMed] [DOI]

Shams WM, Cossette MP, Shizgal P, Brake WG (2018) 17beta-estradiol locally increases phasic dopamine release in the dorsal striatum. Neurosci Lett 665:29-32. [PubMed] [DOI]

Auguste S, Sharma S, Fisette A, Fernandes MF, Daneault C, Des Rosiers C, Fulton S (2018) Perinatal deficiency in dietary omega-3 fatty acids potentiates sucrose reward and diet-induced obesity in mice. Int J Dev Neurosci 64:8-13. [PubMed] [DOI]

Hryhorczuk C, Sheng Z, Decarie-Spain L, Giguere N, Ducrot C, Trudeau LE, Routh VH, Alquier T, Fulton S (2018) Oleic acid in the ventral tegmental area inhibits feeding, food reward, and dopamine tone. Neuropsychopharmacology 43:607-616. [PubMed] [DOI]

Decarie-Spain L, Sharma S, Hryhorczuk C, Garcia VI, Barker PA, Arbour N, Alquier T, Fulton S (2018) Nucleus accumbens inflammation mediates anxiodepressive behavior and compulsive sucrose seeking elicited by saturated dietary fat. Mol Metab 10:1-13. [PubMed] [DOI]

Iordanova MD (2018) Thought control with the dopamine transient. Learn Behav [Epub ahead of print] [PubMed] [DOI]

Lay BPP, Nicolosi M, Usypchuk AA, Esber GR, Iordanova MD (2018) Dissociation of appetitive overexpectation and extinction in the infralimic cortex. Cereb Cortex [Epub ahead of print] [PubMed] [DOI]

Shakra MA, Leyton M, Moghnieh H, Pruessner J, Dagher A, Pihl R (2018) Neurobiological correlates and predictors of two distinct personality trait pathways to escalated alcohol use. EBioMedicine 27:86-93. [PubMed] [DOI]

Coria-Avila GA, Cibrian-Llanderal T, Diaz-Estrada VX, Garcia LI, Toledo-Cardenas R, Pfaus JG, Manzo J (2018) Brain activation associated to olfactory conditioned same-sex partner preference in male rats. Horm Behav 88:771-782. [PubMed] [DOI]

Tuiten A, van Rooij K, Bloemers J, Eisenegger C, van Honk J, Kessels R, Kingsberg S, Derogatis LR, de Leede L, Gerritsen J, Koppeschaar HPF, Olivier B, Everaerd W, Frijlink HW, Hohle D, de Lange RPJ, Bocker KBE, Pfaus JG (2018) Efficacy and safety of on-demand use of 2 treatments designed for different etiologies of female sexual interest/arousal disorder: 3 randomized clinical trials. J Sex Med 15:201-216. [PubMed] [DOI]

Hyland L, Rosenbaum S, Edwards A, Palacios D, Graham MD, Pfaus JG, Woodside B, Abizaid A (2018) Central ghrelin receptor stimulation modulates sex motivation in male rats in a site dependent manner. Horm Behav 97:56-66. [PubMed] [DOI]


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