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CSBN researchers have made outstanding contributions to the study of molecular, neuronal, hormonal, physiological and psychological processes that contribute to behavior and disease.

Major research areas at the CSBN are described below.

Addiction and reward

Researchers explore basic mechanisms of reward seeking and the role of the nervous system in drug use, abuse and relapse.

Andreas Arvanitogiannis, Paul Clarke, Marco Leyton, Uri Shalev, Peter Shizgal

Decision making

CSBN researchers study the behavioral and biological bases of how choices are made.

Andreas Arvanitogiannis, Jon Sakata, Peter Shizgal

Learning and memory

Researchers investigate how memories are acquired and where they are stored in the brain, as well as the neurobiology of learning.

Wayne Brake, Andrew Chapman, Thien Dang-Vu, Mihaela Iordanova, Jon Sakata, Peter Shizgal

Biological rhythms and neurophysiology

CSBN members study circadian influences and patterns of neural activity elicited during learning, sleep, wakefulness and behaviour.

Shimon Amir, Andrew Chapman, Richard Courtemanche, Mihaela Iordanova, Uri Shalev, Thien Dang-Vu

Sexual behaviour and female cognition

CSBN members conduct research on how gonadal hormones affect sexual behaviors and how ovarian hormones influence memory bias in females.

Wayne Brake

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