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These research strengths are integral to our goal of providing leading-edge graduate education and training in more than 35 PhD and Master’s programs that we offer in the humanities, social sciences, and life sciences.

Research Chairs, Endowed Chairs, and Distinguished Professorships enable post-secondary institutions such as Concordia to attract and retain the brightest minds in research and scholarship in a variety of subject areas.

These programs can be divided into four categories:


Canada Research Chairs

Canada Research Chairs are funded by the Government of Canada in order to ensure that Canadian universities "achieve the highest levels of research excellence to become world-class research centres in the global, knowledge-based economy."

Read more about the holders of the Canada Research Chairs in the Faculty.


Concordia University Research Chairs

Concordia University Research Chairs are funded internally by the University to encourage faculty members active in research to remain at Concordia and continue to be productive in their respective areas of study.

Read more about the holders of the Concordia University Research Chairs in the Faculty.


Endowed Chairs

Endowed Chairs are funded by private and/or corporate donors to support researchers focusing on specific topics of interest.

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Specialized Research Chairs and Professorships

These Research Chairs are have been created in recognition of Concordia’s research strengths in a variety of specialized topics that range from addiction to area studies, and address immediate, pressing social and intellectual issues.

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