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A new way of doing research

The PERFORM Centre is dedicated to new ways of researching better health through prevention. The concept is to rally together researchers from different fields of study, students and the local community all within a modern clinical research facility with the intent of creating an environment that will foster the pursuit for healthier living.
We are now accepting abstract submissions for the 2022 PERFORM Centre Research Conference. Showcase your research on prevention and health! Click here for the submission form.

A unique scientific vision in preventative health
  • Support prevention of disease through lifestyle management (ie., non-medical approaches)
  • Non-medical universities must play a key "scientific" role in primary preventative health research
  • Assess and test its impact on the individual and the community

Innovative thinking

The wide range of advanced instrumentation at PERFORM gives researchers with a translational approach an opportunity to collect a rich data set while simplifying the logistics for their participants. PERFORM was also designed to accommodate large cohorts to give researchers the flexibility in capacity planning depending on the statistical requirements of their studies.

Reaching across boundaries

By opening its doors to researchers all over the world, PERFORM promotes collaborative approaches when planning new studies in the quest to answer important questions about how best to achieve long-term health. The PERFORM Centre seeks to foster the best experience possible for those participating in its studies. Beyond being a research subject, study participants get involved with PERFORM's community engagement programs.

Local cohorts - large-scale impacts

PERFORM Centre researchers have access to a diverse segment of the Montreal population and have the support of PERFORM staff in recruiting participants for studies. PERFORM researchers will use the knowledge gathered from research to improve the health of all citizens. The benefits are society-wide, be it the reduction of health care costs and the possibility of a healthier, more productive workforce.

Benefits for researchers
  • A research-driven facility
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Ultra-modern laboratories and suites
  • Collaboration with cutting-edge specialists
  • Synergy with students, interns and instructors
  • Access to consultation and conference rooms

Featured events

The PERFORM Centre presents monthly research talks on a broad range of topics related to preventative health research.


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