Pension plan

The Pension Plan for the Employees of Concordia University is a worry-free way to save for retirement. It provides benefits that are defined ahead of time based on a set formula using your pensionable earnings and years of credited service.

As a result, your benefits are guaranteed and protected, regardless of economic or market conditions. Investment returns do not affect your defined benefits. The university is responsible for ensuring that the plan is sufficiently funded to provide the pension benefits that you earn under the plan.

You automatically participate as a non-contributory member. This means you build retirement income under the plan without having to pay a cent!

Or you may wish to be a contributory member. Why? You increase your benefits from the plan and your contributions are tax deductible.

This section describes the Pension Plan for the Employees of Concordia University for members who are currently employed by the University. If you are not currently employed by the University, please contact Pension Services for details.

As good as the plan may be, other sources of income are also essential to a comfortable retirement. Consult the retirement planning section on Cspace for details.

You should seek the advice of a retirement, financial or tax specialist for help in your financial planning for retirement or in evaluating your current situation.

Eligibility and enrolment

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