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GPWL941 - Investing and Taxation

Instead of chasing after higher returns and incurring more risk, it can make more sense to become familiar with how different investments get taxed, and how to legally minimize or eleiminate taxes due by strategically using different types of registered accounts available to you. For instance, do you know under what circumstances does an RRSP or a TFSA contribution make more sense? What are some of the most tax-efficient investments available? This webinar briefly reviews Canadian income tax basics while highlighting how the different tax brackets impact various investments and sources of income. We will also review different investment vehicles in greater detail, how they get taxed, and the most tax-efficient way to distribute various investments in different types of accounts. Lastly, we will go over how to properly track and report dividend distributions from a margin account for tax purposes.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop, participants will:
• Know when to contribute to an RRSP vs. a TFSA.
• Learn about some advanced features of various types of investments and how they get taxed.
• Be able to track and report dividend distributions from a margin account for tax purposes.

Leaders Information


This workshop is led by Alex Gavrila.

Alex is pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience and is interested in risk taking, behavioural economics, as well as financial, scientific, and social policy reform. He is a Director at the Science & Policy Exchange and the Montreal Chapter Coordinator for the Institute of New Economic Thinking's Young Scholars' Initiative.


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October 7, 2021, 11:00 - 13:00, Thu

Disclaimer: Available spots is an estimation.
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