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GPLL52 - Virtual Peer Support Writing Group (PSWG) information session

Peer Support Writing Group PSWG is an initiative that GradProSkills started in 2018 to create a supportive community for students throughout their writing journey. During the Virtual PSWG, students will meet weekly on Zoom for two hours over three months to advance in their writing, and provide and receive support and feedback to each other. At the end of each month, GradProSkills hosts a check-in session with all participants to discuss their writing advancement, milestones, and their concerns.
This virtual PSWG provides the encouragement and support that students need to advance and finish their writing commitments while staying home. This opportunity will allow students to:
• Break their social isolation by connecting with their peers who are facing the same challenges.
• Cope with writing pressure by providing a safe space to discuss their fears and challenges.
• Achieve their writing goals by giving them write to time, maintaining their writing momentum, and clarifying their writing priorities.

Each participant is encouraged to have their writing goals and the milestones ready before attending the info session so they can discuss them with the group members.

Learning Objectives

During this info session, students will meet the new members and learn about the structure, rules, and meeting schedule of the group, and they will be able to share their writing objectives and writing concerns.

Leaders Information

This info session is led by Racha Cheikh-Ibrahim, Coordinator, Academic Programs and Development at Concordia's School of Graduate Studies.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.


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