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GPLL241 - Copyright and your thesis

Copyright concerns us all, yet few are aware of its ramifications. It is the general legal regime which governs the creation and use of most cultural, scientific or knowledge works. As authors of theses and other documents, graduate students are key stakeholders in copyright. This workshop aims to raise awairness of copyright issues in writing a thesis.

After presenting general information about copyright, we will discuss how it applies to you as the author of a thesis. First and foremost, we will cover copyright ownership and licensing of your thesis. For example, all thesis written at Concordia University, since 2008, are available via an open archive called Spectrum on the internet site of the Libraries. Following this, we will discuss the use of copyrighted content within your thesis, such as images, tables, etc. The two main points to consider are exceptions to copyright as well as the process to seek permission.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop, participants will:
1- Understand the basic functioning of copyright.
2- Identify copyright issues related to your thesis.
3- Determine the proper course of action to address copyright issues.

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Olivier Charbonneau.

Olivier is a Senior Librarian at Concordia University. He holds a doctoral degree from the Faculté de droit, Université de Montréal, where he studied the interaction of copyright exceptions and licensing. He has been involved in the in library and cultural communities since the last millennia. He has kept a research blog since 2005 in French at and a work blog since 2011 in English at

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.


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