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GPLL229 - Exploring Research in the Visual Arts

This workshop focuses on the numerous art-related search tools and resources in the library and how to use them in conjunction with google scholar and other web tools. You will discover strategies for tracking down hard-to-find materials as well as learn about library services that give you access to an expansive network of resources in Concordia Library and beyond.

Learning Objectives

During this workshop, participants will learn to:
1. Identify and select relevant resources for your research.
2. Access materials at other libraries worldwide
3. Follow emerging information in your research areas.
4. Save and organize results of your searching.

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Jenna Dufour and John Latour.

Jenna Dufour is a reference librarian for art history and classics, modern languages and linguistics at Concordia. She holds a BA (Hons.) in Art History (Carleton University) and MLIS (University of British Columbia).

John Latour is the Teaching & Research Librarian – Fine Arts at Concordia University. His subject areas include Studio Arts, Art Education & Creative Arts Therapies, Design and Computation Arts. John has a BFA in Studio Arts (University of Ottawa), a MLIS (McGill University) and a MA in Art History (Concordia University).

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
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