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GPCB593 - Intro to Design Thinking

Part of the StartupReady program

Brainstorming is a process that helps your team to generate innovative ideas. If a brainstorming session is not well planned and facilitated, it runs the risk of wasting everyone’s time. What makes a great brainstorming session, and more importantly, what drives a session to produce some truly great results?

Through practice and discussion, using the principles of Design Thinking, you will learn how to design and run an effective brainstorming session to move your projects forward. Additionally, you will improve your team collaboration and facilitation skills through the team activities in this workshop.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, you will be able to:
• define design thinking
• design an effective brainstorming session using the principles of design thinking
• identify the problem you aim to solve
• list key sources of information that will help you understand the problem and user needs better
• gather information and extract significant insights
• ideate possible solutions that meet the user's needs
• share your ideas with users and collect feedback
• iterate your ideas based on the feedback collected

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Alexandra Allen from District 3.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
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