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Panorama of the environmental chamber facility

Environmental Chamber
  • Can be used to test building envelope components, such as advanced wall systems that may include solar energy utilization components, under a range of conditions from Arctic to desert.
  • Can test equipment from -40° to 50°C under specific conditions within 1°C and relative humidity ranging from two to 95 per cent depending on temperature.
  • Specially designed windows on one side of the chamber admit solar light produced by a six-lamp mobile solar simulator.
  • Can test wall systems such as curtain walls up to 4.5 m by 7 m high and test-huts up to 3.5 m wide, 6 m long and 6 m high for HAM (heat, air, moisture) response and energy performance, including possible heat and electricity output.
  • Can be used to develop test methods and design standards for predictable relative hydrothermal performance and durability of different building envelope systems under various climatic conditions.
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