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PERFORM Research Members

The PERFORM Centre is home to 58 researcher members. Each member brings a unique expertise from a variety of areas, ranging from the fundamental sciences to social sciences, all united by the desire to advance knowledge on lifestyle strategies to better manage and prevent chronic diseases. Our scientific team cultivates interdisciplinary and collaborative research that creates links between exercise, nutrition, sleep, physical activity and lifestyle in order to improve the health of the entire population

Click the name of the research member below for more information about research at PERFORM.

Habib Benali – Scientific Director


Jean-Paul Soucy - Associate Director, Bioimaging

Angela Alberga


Louis Bherer

Linda Booij

Nizar Bouguila


Jun Cai

Emily Coffey

Tamara Cohen

Richard Courtemanche

Glenn Cowan

Thien Thanh Dang Vu

Peter Darlington


Kaberi Dasgupta


Richard DeMont


Maxime Descoteaux


Geoff Dover


Mark Ellenbogen


Ann English

Benjamin Eppinger

Tiago H. Falk


Maryse Fortin


Claudine Gauthier


Tristan Glatard 


Jean-Philippe Gouin 

Christophe Grova


Shannon Hebblethwaite


Richard B. Hovey


Lisa Kakinami


Marta Kersten-Oertel


Robert Kilgour 


Jordan LeBel 


Karen Li 

Paul Martineau


Jennifer McGrath

Arash Mohammadi

David J. Pearsall


Virginia Penhune 


Veronique Pépin 


Alain Ptito

Natalie Phillips

Tiberiu Popa


Hassan Rivaz


Shawn Robbins 


Mathieu Roy 

Emilie Sandman

Sylvia Santosa


David Secko


Steve Shih


Peter Shizgal


Christopher Steele


Nancy St-Onge

Dajana Vuckovic

Shawn Wilkinson

Yiming Xiao

Laurel Young

Yong Zeng

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