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Clinical Analysis Suite



Our laboratory specializes in research support and provides a broad spectrum of services such as; 

• Mass-spectrometry
• Biomarker extraction
• Blood/urine analysis
• Immunoassay (Luminex, ELISA)
• Fluorescence assay

• Sterile environment
• Cellular culture
• Ultracentrifugation
• Microscopy
• Molecular engineering (DNA/RNA purification mutagenesis, protein expression) 

Our team is committed to providing high quality research services to ensure satisfaction for both academic and industrial researchers. Our work often starts at the project planning stage by providing you with advanced technical consultation to either select or develop appropriate methods depending on your research needs and cost analysis.  Once the protocol is validated and ready to go, the clinical analysis team will perform the data acquisition applying the appropriate quality controls so that you are confident in the results.   

List of Services

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