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Staff directory


Name & title Email Extension
Scientific Director
--- ---
Lynn Roy
Assistant Director, Strategic Initiatives and Research Operations 4452
Deborah Cross
Assistant Director, Education and Community Engagement Programs 5712
Anthony Ciarallo
Consultant, PERFORM Imaging Suite 4499

Research Operations

Name & title Email Extension
Wendy Kunin
Advisor, Research Operations 5295

Lab & Research Platforms

Name & title Email Extension
Lee Ann Papula
Team Lead, Athletic Therapy Clinic 5260
Vicky Robinson
Instructor, Athletic Therapy Clinic 5260
Serge Savoie
Instructor, Athletic Therapy Clinic 5260
Amanda Rizk
Supervisor, Cardiopulmonary Suite 4009
Marie-Eve Rivard
Supervisor, Clinical Analysis Suite 8710
Christina Weiss
Supervisor, Conditioning Floor 4028
Alicia Wright
Coordinator, Conditioning Floor 5397
Marchiano Oh
Supervisor, Functional Assessment Suite 4168
Antonys Melek
Supervisor, MRI & Ultrasound 4429
Pierre Berroir
Research Associate, MRI  
Stephane Frenette
Supervisor, Nuclear Medicine/Radiation Safety Officer 4151
Stephan Blinder
Research Associate, Nuclear Medicine 4152
Elena Zhao
Supervisor, Nutrition Suite 4018
Melodee Mograss
Supervisor, Sleep Laboratory 4241

Information Systems

Name & title Email Extension
Sriram Narayanan
Senior Analyst, Applications 4086
Thomas Beaudry
Systems Administrator 3968
Robert Gauthier
Research Associate, Systems 4403


Name & title Email Extension
Douglas Chananda
Administrator, Budget and Human Resources 4495
Alex Smith
Facilities Coordinator 4019
Anthoula Mantis
Administrative Assistant
Linda Lavigne
Service Assistant 2829
Peter Sullivan
Service Coordinator 4037
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