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Services & training

The Centre for Biological Applications of Mass Spectrometry (CBAMS) at Concordia University offers different services:

  • Instruments training (MS, LC-MS)
  • Guidance for MS analyses and sample preparation
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analyses

The mission of CBAMS is to serve as an enabling resource for research and development programs in chemistry, biochemistry and biological sciences at Concordia University. We also offer services for external academic collaborations and industry.

The facility offers state-of-the art instrumentation for analyses of samples extracted from complex biological matrices in the context of in vitro and in vivo experiments in environment.

The platform is also dedicated to structural characterization of small and large molecules in chemistry, as well as in biogeochemistry. We strive to build instrumental capabilities that aim to provide expertise for projects in Proteomics/Metabolomics/Lipidomics/Chemistry, and make those technologies available as a shared resource for students and researchers.

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