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QTOF 6545 (Agilent Technologies)

QTOF 6545 (Agilent Technologies)


Metabolite analysis (targeted metabolomics, untargeted metabolomics and metabolite structure elucidation); Environmental analysis; Food analysis; Drug analysis; Targeted screening and quantitation

Ionization Sources

Electrospray ionization (ESI)

Sample introduction

UHPLC (Agilent 1290)

Mass Analyzer

Quadrupole-Time-of-Flight (QTOF) MS

Mass Range

m/z 100-10,000 extended mass range; m/z 50-3,200 for both high resolution and extended dynamic range modes; Quadrupole up to m/z 4,0000


Greater than 45,000 FWHM at m/z 2,722


2 ppm (with internal calibration)

Positive to negative polarity switching

1.5 sec

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