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Instruments & specifications

LTQ Orbitrap Velos with ETD (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Applications: Protein analysis (bottom-up proteomics, top-down proteomics, post translational modification (PTM) analysis and relative quantitation); Metabolite analysis (untargeted metabolomics and metabolite structural elucidation); Lipid analysis (untargeted lipidomics, shotgun lipidomics).
QToF3 (Waters Micromass)
Applications: Protein analysis (intact protein characterization); Metabolite analysis (untargeted metabolomics and metabolite structure elucidation); Environmental analysis (targeted screening and quantitation)
LC-ICP-MS (Agilent 7500ce)
Applications: Quantification of metals and non-metals in samples from environmental, food, health, pharmaceutical, and mineral industries; quantification of different species, forms, oxidation states or biomolecules associated with trace elements
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