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Research Chair on Gambling

Chaire de recherche sur l'étude du jeu

Research Chair on Gambling

Chaire de recherche sur l'étude du jeu

E-GAMES Canada

Free-to-Play (F2P) games are games that combine the graphic and entertaining aspect of video games and the monetary and risk aspect of gambling. Due to advancements in technological sophistication and web connectivity, these mobile games have become the most popular entertainment activity to which Internet users devote the most time. The addictive elements of F2P games in our everyday lives therefore is an important topic of debate

Electronic Gam(bl)ing: Multinational Empirical Surveys Project (e-GAMES) is a project aimed at producing the first portrait of F2P gaming in Canada. 

Your participation in this project will help generate the first Canadian databank on F2P gaming, player experience, moderate and excessive use practices, and harms associated with these games. This project could also provide answers on current debates concerning the regulation of these games.

Information for participants 

Will the information I share be protected?

Only the researchers responsible for this project will have access to the information collected. Your personal information will be protected and will remain confidential during the data collection. The research team intends to publish the results of the study, but it will be impossible to identify any of the participants in the publication.

E-GAMES Canada research team

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E-GAMES Canada funding: 

Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Institut universitaire sur les dépendances
HERMES Research Team
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