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Annie-Claude Savard

Assistant professor, School of Social Services, Université Laval

Annie-Claude Savard holds a PhD in social service and is an assistant professor in criminology at the School of Social Service of Université Laval.  She holds a research grant on responsible gambling entitled: Jeu responsable et transition à la vie adulte: de l’expérience subjective à la prévention (FRQ-SC :2017-2012). Using a sociologial perspective, her research studies the underlining rationales of gambling habits adoption among youth and young adults in regard to the social context in which they develop, on the social representations of responsible gambling concepts held by young adults and by the actors within formal institutions, and on the development of individually and socially responsible gambling initiatives. 

She is a researcher in HERMES team (Habitudes de vie Et Recherches Multidisciplinaires), a researcher at the Institut universitaire sur les dépendances, a collaborator for the  RISQ group (Recherche et intervention sur les substances psychoactives – Québec) and for the Centre jeunesse de Québec – Institut universitaire.

Research Interests

  • Sociology of gambling
  • Youth and young adults
  • Individually and socially responsible gaming
  • Stigmatization of individuals with addictions
  • Social justice


(418) 656-2131, poste 4528
École de service social Université Laval

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