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Using big data to study development and social change

November 22-23, 2013

Concordia University

This workshop is designed as a forum for the presentation and discussion of these techniques. It will explore available opportunities for students and researchers for conducting longitudinal research on large data sets and the challenges it poses for institutions and researchers.

The workshop will start with an overview of the contribution of longitudinal research for social and developmental research and highlight its conceptual, methodological and statistical strengths and challenges. Supported by presentations and discussions of major longitudinal studies in Quebec, Canada and internationally as a background for in-depth discussions, attendees will acquire a knowledge of the (a) methodological challenges such as the balancing out of study time span and sample attrition, (b) promising statistical solutions to manage the complexity associated with large data sets, and (c) management of data access, security and confidentiality.

November 22, 2013
  Part 1: Opening session
9:00    Welcome remarks   by Hubert Sacy, president of Mise-sur-Toi       
9:10    Presentation by Dr Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, McGill University
   Parents education and the risk of major depression in early adulthood          
10:00    Coffee break
  Part 2: Methodological issues
10:30    Presentation by Dr Ulla Romild, Swedish National Instute of Public Health, Sweden,
   Lessons learned from the Swedish Longitudinal Gambling Study - SWELOGS
11:15    Presentation by Dr William Bukowski, Concordia University
   Longitudinal research in schools in Colombia
  Part 3: Data access
13:15    Presentation by Dr Réjean Tessier,  Université Laval
   Overview of accessing data remotely by using the "Accès aux Données Administrative
   de Québec (ADAQ)" platform
14:00    Presentation by Dr Phillip Merrigan, Université du Québec à Montréal
   Efficient and Practical Econometric Methods for the SLID, NLSCY, NPHS
  Part 4: Students experience with big data
14:45    Joanna Rosciszewska, Concordia University
   Using a multilevel approach to examine the association between childhood social behavior
   and adult criminality
   Alexa Martin-Storey, Université de Sherbrooke
   Concordia Longitudinal High-Risk Project
   Melissa Castellanos, Concordia University
   Colombian Experience
   Christelle Luce, Université de Montréal
   Trajectoires des joueurs au Québec: défis et solutions
November 23, 2013
  Part 1: Opening session
9:00    Welcome    
9:10    Presentation by Dr Rachel Volberg, University of Massachussets, USA
   Longitudinal studies of gambling: methods, findings and planning for the future          
10:00    Coffee break
  Part 2: Longitudinal studies across the world: Key learnings, contributions and future orientations for the study of gambling
10:30    Presentation by Dr Ulla Romild, Swedish National Instute of Public Health, Sweden
   National epidemiological and health databases in Sweden
11:15    Presentation by Dr David Hodgins, University of Calgary
   Leisure and Lifestyle longitudinal project
  Part 3: Discussion and wrap-up
13:15    Roundtables - small groups
15:00    Main conclusions and general discussion
   Summary of the discussion (in French)  
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