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Past projects

National Cellulosic Biofuels Network

CSFG will be coordinating the academic research done by nine universities which are part of the Cellulosic Biofuels Network (CBN). The CBN will focus its research on the sustainable production of ethanol and associated bio-products from cellulosic material.

Fungal Genomics Project

The fungal genomics project uses functional genomics approaches to identify fungal enzymes for industrial and environmental applications.

Gene discovery and expression analysis in Aspergillus niger

Applicants: Reginald Storms, Adrian Tsang and Greg Butler (Concordia)

Analysis of the results from transcriptional profiling will enhance our understanding about how protein expression and protein secretion are regulated. The EST results and transcriptional profiling database will identify proteins with commercial relevance and facilitate rational approaches for engineering expression strains that can express and secrete valuable proteins at the high levels required by industry.

Structural and functional genomics of aromatic degradation in a model yeast T. cutaneum

Applicants: Paul Joyce, Justin Powlowski (Concordia)

The degradation of environmental toxins by microorganisms is an activity that has the potential to be harnessed for the destruction of chemical waste and environmental pollutants. In order to exploit this power, it is necessary to understand how microorganisms respond to the presence of these toxins.


Functional genomics of low temperature tolerance in crop plants

Applicants: Fathey Sarhan (UQAM), Jean-François Laliberté (INRS), Patrick Gulick (Concordia), Luc Varin (Concordia)

The current proposal focuses on the identification and characterization of the genetic mechanisms that are central to the induction and regulation of low-temperature (LT) tolerance at the whole plant and molecular level. LT tolerance has been identified as a "crucial strategic" trait for Canadian crops.

Functional genomics and mapping of stress regulated genes in cereals

Applicants: Fathey Sarhan (UQAM), Patrick Gulick (Concordia), Brian Fowler (University of Saskatchewan)

Genomic analysis will make a dramatic contribution to the analysis and genetic engineering of cold tolerance in wheat, one of Canada's and the world's most important crops.

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