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Cell culture




Culture rooms
GE 230.00, GE 330.00.

GE 230.00, GE 330.00 and throughout the labs.

Biological Safety Cabinets
GE S110.01, GE 230.00, GE 330.00,
SP 550.04, 
SP 430.01 (Whiteway).

Dedicated culture rooms
GE S110.01, SP 550.04
SP 430.01 (Whiteway).

Incubation Shakers
GE S110.05, GE S110.09, GE 230.00, GE 330.00.

GE S110.06,
SP 380.26, SP 440, SP 522.10.

Environmental rooms
GE 200.10, GE 300.10.

Orbital Shakers
GE S110.05, S110.09, 230.00, 330.00, 200.10.


Cold rooms
GE 200.08, GE 300.08, GE S110.03.

GE S110.09.


Culture rooms

The Genomics building has two fully equipped rooms dedicated to cell culture, which are part of the second and third floor laboratory areas. Each culture room is equipped with two biological safety cabinets, a stack of three large incubation shakers, a refrigerated tabletop centrifuge, a basic compound microscope as well as a variety of incubators, water baths and shakers.

Location: GE 230.00, GE 330.00.

Culture room
Photo of culture room equipment
Olympus BH2 scope in culture room
Shaker incubator in culture room
Clinical centrifuge in culture room


In addition, the third floor culture room is equipped with one lighted incubation shaker and a Coy gloveless anaerobic chamber which was converted into a light chamber (owned by the Martin lab) for the growth of photosynthetic organisms.

Location: GE 330.00

Infors Shaker Incubator - Lighted
Coy Lighted Chamber

Dedicated culture rooms

The Genomics building has culture rooms used for dedicated projects. These are also equipped with biological safety cabinets, small incubation shakers, a refrigerated tabletop centrifuge, and a microscope as well as a CO2 incubator.

Location: GE 110.01, SP 550.04, SP 430.01 (Whiteway)

Environmental rooms

In addition to a variety of incubators and incubation shakers, there are two walk-in environmental rooms. Both are currently set to 30˚C and contain shelving and various platform shakers.

Location: GE 200.10, GE 300.10

Cold rooms

There are 3 cold rooms in the Genomics building. Each have counter space, shelving and a lab sink..

Location: GE S110.03, GE 200.08, GE 300.08


There are a variety of standard incubators throughout the laboratory space, varying on storage capacity and temperature.

In addition to two environmental rooms mentioned above, we have two large refrigerated incubators with a total storage area of 2.4 square meters (26 square feet) whose temperature can be set from -10° C to 60° C (uniformity +/- 0.5° C and constancy  +/- 0.2° C).

Location: GE 230.00, GE 330.00 and throughout the second and third floor labs.


We also have mid-size CO2 incubators, which are currently used as standard incubators and are not connected to a CO2 gas cylinder.

Location: GE S110.01, GE 320.01 (Martin lab).

Mid-size CO2 incubator
Mid-size CO2 incubator

Incubation shakers

The Genomics building has a three types of incubation shakers:

  • four stacks of three Infors Multitron II

  • three New Brunswick Innova 4430;

  • a number of smaller benchtop units.

The Infors Multitron II incubation shakers feature controlled temperature (5˚C above room temperature to 65˚C, with a 0.2˚C precision), controlled humidity and rotation speed (20 to 400 rpm). They are fully programmable, feature downward opening doors, pull out trays, as well as the popular 'Sticky stuff', a green adhesive mat that can hold flasks without the need for clamps. Each stack of three units has the capacity to hold 144 Erlenmeyer flasks of 250 ml. One of our units is fitted with lighting for the growth of photosynthetic organisms.Their smart LED system allows you to program any of three units from same control panel. The top two units of each stack have a throw of 1 inch, while the bottom has a throw of 2 inches.

The New Brunswick Innova 4430 incubation shakers are used for the growth of microbial cultures in liquid media. They are extremely flexible in that the operating temperature ranges from 15° C below ambient (4° C being the minimum) to 80° C and they can accomodate a wide variety of flasks (up to 60 x 125 ml, 40 x 250 ml, 12 x 500 ml, 15 x 1 liter or 6 x 2 liter flasks) or microtiter plates (15 clamps, stackable up to 8 shallow-well or 3 deep-well plates each). Users can also attach additional or alternate clamps to the universal platform.

We also have a number of small benchtop incubation shakers which hold flasks with clamps.

Location: GE S110.05, GE S110.09, GE 230.00, GE 330.00.

Shaker incubator in culture room
New Brunswick Innova 4430

Orbital shakers

The Genomics building houses a variety of culture shakers, including the Infors Orbitron and ThermoForma orbital shakers.

The Infors Orbitron orbital shakers have 850 x 470 mm platforms featuring the 'Sticky stuff', a green adhesive mat that can hold flasks without the need for clamps (rotational speed 20-550 rpm). ThermoForma Orbital Shakers have a 610 x 914 mm platform that relies on clamps to handle up to 75 x 25 ml flasks (or 12 x 2.8 L flasks or 8 X 6 L flasks). Their maximum rotational speed is 400 RPM.

We have also have a variety of smaller shakers available throughout the building.

Location: GE S110.05, GE S110.09, GE 200.08, GE 200.10, GE 230.00, GE 330.00.


The CSFG has a total of five fermenters optimized for the growth of microbial organisms. Four of them are Applikon bioreactors, each monitored by an ezController unit, which are themselves linked to a PC workstation loaded with a software that enables data acquisition and analysis. It is thus possible to run up to four growth experiments at a time, using four of the following glass autoclavable bioreactors: four 1 L vessels and two 3 L vessels. Note that the ezController has the capacity to handle 15L reactors, which may be acquired in the future.

The Applikon bioreactors are configured to be operated with Bug Lab's optical density reading system, a Magellan Instruments Tandem multiplex gas analyzer as well as the  Flownamics Segflow 4000 autosampler.

The CSFG also has a Biostat B fermenter (Martin, specifications to be provided).

Description be provided.

Location: GE S110.05


Biological Safety Cabinets

SterilGuard III Advance biosafety cabinets: Description to be provided.

The Forma Scientific Biological Safety Cabinet is a laminar airflow workstation used for handling low-to- moderate risk organisms (Biosafety levels 1, 2, or 3). Forty percent of the air in the cabinet is discharged through an exhaust HEPA filter and the remainder is recirculated into the cabinet. The stainless steel work area measures 124.5 cm x 57.7 cm, with a height clearance of 72.1 cm.

Location: GE S110.01, GE 230.00, GE 330.00, SP 550.04, SP 430.01 (Whiteway)


Steris Large and Medium autoclave. Description to be provided.

Location: GE S110.06.

N.B.: The Biology department has autoclaves in SP 380.26, SP 440 and SP 522.10.

Large autoclave
Medium autoclave
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