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In addition to hosting large research projects, the facilities of the Centre for Structural and Functional Genomics are used by its members who are involved in research projects that span a variety of disciplines, such as:

Several members of the CSFG are also part of the national Cellulosic Biofuels Network and NSERC Bioconversion Network.


Genozymes for Bioproducts and Bioprocesses Development

Project Leader Adrian Tsang, Concordia University

Our project will use the massive amounts of information available from genome research to identify, analyze and develop potential enzymes in fungi that we could use as catalysts to produce biofuels and other plant-based products.

Synthetic Biosystems for the Production of High Value Plant Metabolites

Project Leaders: Drs Peter Facchini, University of Calgary & Vincent Martin, Concordia University

We will use genomic tools coupled with analysis of metabolic products to identify genes from over 75 plants that can catalyze the synthesis of potentially important chemical compounds.

NSERC Bioconversion Network

The NSERC Bioconversion Network is a unique Canadian R&D network that is aimed at developing energy efficient, commercially viable and environmentally sustainable biomass conversion processes that generate ethanol and high-value co-products.

Genozymes GE3LS Project: A Methodological Approach to Environmental Impacts and Public Engagement

Project Leader: David Secko, Concordia University

The goal of this genomic research is to identify, analyze and develop potential enzymes in fungi that can be used to convert plant material into biofuels, biochemicals and other products for industrial use.

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