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Gary Kinsman Events May 2024

Gary Kinsman's book tour for the revised third edition of The Regulation of Desire continues! In the month of May, you can catch him appearing in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, and watch out for upcoming dates in Montreal, Halifax, and Amsterdam!

See details below for Gary's June appearance in Montreal, as well, coinciding with the 2024 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences!

Dates and details:

Thursday May 2, 7pm

Book Launch w/ Gary Kinsman, River Rossi, and Tom Hooper

Audreys Books
10702 Jasper Ave.
Edmonton, AB

Friday, May 10, 6pm

Double Book Launch: The Regulation of Queer, Trans, and Disabled Bodies

World Arts Centre, 149 W. Hastings
Vancouver, BC
Hosted by SFU Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Thursday, May 16, 7pm

Book Launch w/ Gary Kinsman

Ft. speakers Tom Hooper, Leon Ladlaw, and Erica McNabb
Willow Press, 214 Osborne St.
Winnipeg, MB



Monday, June 17, 6:30pm

Book launch w/ Gary Kinsman

Ft. speakers Ross Higgins, Vincent Mousseau, and Tom Waugh
L'Euguélionne, librairie feministe, 1426 rue Beaudry
Montreal, QC

Call for Statements of Interest: Cultural Production and Everyday Life

29 January 2024 - Concordia University Press seeks statements of interest for titles in a new book series

Cultural Production and Everyday Life

Series editors: Miranda Campbell (Toronto Metropolitan University) and Benjamin Woo (Carleton University)

What happens to our view of culture and creativity when we ground it at the level of everyday life – something that is produced by people in particular contexts? The Cultural Production and Everyday Life series seeks to expand the study of culture to include a broader range of producers, practices, and predicaments while also moving beyond a blockbuster or superstar view of culture and creativity – a more limited notion that culture is good for the economy. Alongside being a source of livelihoods, cultural production is also a way for us to know ourselves, each other, and the world – a mode of engagement or disengagement, an orientation or an ethos.

This view of culture and creativity is a lens to register the processes of creating – and the intersections of social, economic, and cultural forces that ultimately shape products or outputs – but juicier analyses might be found by foregrounding the process or the lived experience, rather than the product in itself. Working through, mapping, or registering relationships between sectors, actors, policies, and cultural forms gives rise to a messier account of cultural production, circulation, and reception.

Cultural Production and Everyday Life is conceived as a series of short, accessibly written, print and open-access edition pamphlets of approximately 30,000–65,000 words that foreground such questions as:

• What are the enabling conditions that allow people to keep doing and making what they are doing and making?

• What contexts inform the cultural form that is being made? How are these contexts impacted by flows of power?

• How is a cultural form experienced, and what impact does it have on the context that informed it?

• If expansion and even longevity might not necessarily be the best indicators of success, how else can cultural importance and value be registered?

It publishes contributions that read either as manifestoes for new directions for studying the practices and contexts that shape the production of media, communication and culture, or as focused vignettes exploring particular sites, spaces, and practices in rich, empirical detail. Monographs, dialogues, forums, or other alternative formats are all welcomed. Potential topics might include, but are not limited to:

• Conceptual frameworks for approaching cultural production as lived experience;

• Forms of sociality, economic activity, or both emerging in relation to creative practices;

• Experiences of particular workers, consumers, fans, audiences, or residents in relation to cultural production and creative practice;

• Collectives, organizations, spaces, scenes, and unions that support cultural production;

• Ecological analysis of contemporary or historical forms of cultural production, informal, under-attentioned, or celebrated forms of creative practice;

• and Community-making and care as forms of cultural production.


All submissions should incorporate an intersectional analysis in their arguments. Publications in this series will be both print editions and open access ebooks, and, in dialogue with the series editors and Concordia University Press, the format can be tailored to suit the particular focus of the project. Please send inquiries or proposals to


Concordia University Press Announces the Launch of Three New Series

20 February 2023 - Concordia University Press is pleased to announce the launch of three new book series, with publications forthcoming.

Cultural Production and Everyday Life

Series editors: Miranda Campbell (Toronto Metropolitan University) and Benjamin Woo (Carleton University)

Cultural production and Everyday Life disrupts narrow, economistic, and instrumentalized views of culture and seeks to expand what counts as “cultural production” and who counts as a “cultural producer” beyond creative industries success stories. By focusing on lived experience and always insisting on thinking of the cultural and the social together, this series provides lines of inquiry into cultural forms, producers, and communities that have been marginalized, received less attention, or otherwise have not been considered cultural or significant.

Counter-Archives: Media and Material Practices

Series editors: Stacy Allison-Cassin (Dalhousie University), Monika Kin Gagnon (Concordia University), and Janine Marchessault (York University)

Counter-Archives: Media and Material Practices will explore the theoretical, methodological, and political questions that arise from the evolving nature of archives as keepers of memory and collective histories. Volumes will create a dialogue between scholars, artists, archivists, librarians, curators, media professionals, and policymakers, while reactivating media and materials and refreshing methodologies and approaches to history, to national and transnational cultures, and to community-based collective memories and social practices. 

Feminist Tech Histories

Series editor: Alex D. Ketchum (McGill University)

Feminist Tech Histories encourages scholarship that examines the ways in which tech can both support and hinder feminist practices, causes, and worldmaking projects. Books in this series will address questions of how the use of tech has been gendered, racialized, and classed, while revealing how analogue and digital tech has impacted and been transformed by marginalized communities, including Indigenous peoples, LGBT2Q+ folks, people of colour, and immigrants.


Alex D. Ketchum on tour in February and March 2023

20 February 2023 - Concordia University Press author and series editor Alex D. Ketchum is on tour throughout the eastern US in February and March promoting her books Engage in Public Scholarship! and Ingredients for Revolution.

You can catch her in person or tune in online on the following dates:

  • February 26: All She Wrote Books, Feminist Bookstore, Somerville, MA, on Ingredients for Revolution, 5pm (in person)
  • February 27: Harvard University's Berkman Klein Center, on Engage in Public Scholarship!, 3-5pm (hybrid)
  • February 28: Boston University, Jacques Pépin Lecture, on feminist restaurants, 6-7pm, in the demonstration kitchen with tea, coffee, muffins, and pastry (in person)
  • March 1: Brown University (Center for Public Humanities in Providence, RI), on doing public scholarship, 5:30-6:30pm (in person)
  • March 2: Wesleyan University, Middleton, CT, with Emily Larned, on food, feminism, and revolution, 4:30-6pm at Allbritton Center 311 (in person)
  • March 3: Bluestockings Bookstore, NYC, on Ingredients for Revolution, 5-7pm (in person)
  • March 7: Firestorm Books, Asheville, NC, in conversation with Wren Awry, on kitchen sink activism, 7-8:30om (virtual)
  • March 13: Charis Books, Decatur, GA, co-sponsored by Violet Valley Books, Water Valley, MS, on Ingredients for Revolution, 7:30pm (virtual)


Jon Davies in Conversation with Geoffrey Little

17 February 2023 - In January of this year, author, editor, and art historian Jon Davies sat down in 4TH SPACE with CUP's Geoffrey Little for a lightning round Q&A about the recent publication of More Voice-Over: Colin Campbell Writings. You can watch the archived chat on Youtube.

New Roles at the Press

19 January 2023 - In January 2023, Saelan Twerdy joined the Press as Editorial Coordinator. Since 2018, Saelan has been Managing Editor of RACAR, the journal of the Universities Art Association of Canada, and his art writing has appeared in many outlets including BesideCBC ArtsMomusBorder CrossingsC Magazine, and Canadian Art. Also in January, Meredith Carruthers, lately Managing and Production Editor, moved into a new role centred on Outreach and Special Projects. Finally, and in January as well, Press Director Geoffrey Little will begin a one-year sabbatical. In his absence, Rebecca Duclos will be Acting Director. Rebecca is Professor of Art History and a former Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts.   

At the end of August 2022, Guylaine Beaudry, Concordia's University Librarian since 2014, took up a new role as Trenholme Dean of Libraries at McGill University. Guylaine was one of the Press's founders and we extend our sincere thanks and best wishes to her. 

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