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GPLL15 - Writing an Engineering Academic Paper

Researchers, particularly those in science and engineering disciplines, are expected to become good writers. An important part of their job is to present their results in a logically structured and well written research paper that includes understandable illustrations. For researchers who aim to excel in academia, it is vital to know how to communicate their research in written form because the number of citations a published paper receives is a measure of their professional success.

This workshop will cover the ways of creating and following a writing plan. It will explore the structure of a research paper, with particular attention to the design of good tables and figures. Participants will have the opportunity to examine research paper samples from peer reviewed journals.

Learning Objectives

After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. plan a healthy strategy for the paper writing process;
2. structure each section of a research paper properly;
3. prepare clear and concise tables and figures;
4. identify and avoid common mistakes.

Leaders Information

Workshop Leader Name: This workshop is led Antonio Crespo.

Antonio Crespo is a passionate learner, a lover of the skies, and an enthusiast of human behavior studies. He holds two bachelor degrees, BSc Aeronautical Sciences and BSc Social Sciences (Sociology, Political Science), and a Master degree in Computer Science. Throughout more than 25 years working with the Armed Forces and the Aviation Industry, he was assigned to several technical, military, managerial, executive and diplomatic positions, which includes a mandate in one of the specialized United Nations organizations. As a researcher, he has been actively working with Artificial Intelligence for the last eleven years. Antonio is currently conducting two AI related research projects, the first one targeting machine learning and sustainable development, and the second one focusing on aircraft automation and autonomy. He is also a Graduate Science Teaching and Learning Fellow, within a Concordia CTL program aimed at the enhancement of STEM learning processes..


Section 1
June 3, 2020, 11:00 - 12:30, Wed

Disclaimer: Available spots is an estimation.
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