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The University Student Gambling Habit Survey/Enquête sur les Habitudes de Jeu des Étudiants Universitaires 2008 (ENHJEU) was conducted with a representative sample of undergraduate students in universities in Montreal, QC. Given that young adults are considered vulnerable with respect to risk behaviors, the study aimed to achieve a better understanding of gambling in this group. Using a multilevel approach, the project examined the effects of the social, physical, and symbolic dimensions of contexts on gambling habits and problems.


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Kairouz S., Paradis C., Monson E. (2016). Gender, gambling settings and gambling behaviours among undergraduate poker playersInternational Gambling Studies. Advance online publication. DOI: 10.1080/14459795.2016.1147590

Shen Y., Kairouz S., Nadeau L., Robillard C. (2015) Comparing problem gamblers with moderate-risk gamblers in a sample of university studentsJournal of Behavioral Addictions. DOI: 10.1556/2006.4.2015.002

Kairouz S., Paradis C., Monson E. (2015) Does context matter? A multilevel analysis of gambling settings among undergraduatesAddiction Research & Theory, 26(6), 518-527. doi: 10.3109/16066359.2015.1059826

Mihaylova, T., Kairouz, S., & Nadeau, L. (2013). Online Poker Gambling Among University Students: Risky Endeavour or Harmless Pastime?Journal of Gambling Issues, 26, 1-18.

Research team

Name Affiliation
Sylvia Kairouz, PhD Research Chair on Gambling, Director of the Lifestyle and Addiction Research Lab, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia University
Louise Nadeau, PhD Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Montreal

Name Affiliation
Marc-Antoine Côté-Marcil, MA Research Coordinator, Lifestyle and Addiction Research Lab
Lina Mihaylova, MA Research Professional, Lifestyle and Addiction Research Lab
Sophie Dauphinais, MA Université de Montréal
Fonds de recherche: Société et culture

Funding agency: 

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