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How to apply

Step 1 – Apply to Concordia

SynBioApps offers training and fellowships, but students must also be admitted to an MSc, MASc or PhD program in their academic department. SynBioApps is open to Canadian and international students. 

Applicants should have a minimum GPA equivalent to 3.4/4, and should meet all the other minimum admission requirements. Applicants must follow the application process of their program of choice.

Step 2 – Apply to SynBioApps

After applying to your graduate program you must submit a brief letter of intent (1-2 pages) to This letter should:

  • Discuss your particular motivation for studying synthetic biology
  • Explain your specific research interests
  • Explain your goals for future work or participation in the field of synbio research and related applications
  • Thesis supervision: Include the names of at least three faculty members you would be interested in working with and how these individuals (and their research) would allow you to pursue these goals OR specify if you’ve already been in contact with a prospective supervisor who has expressed interested in overseeing your graduate research work

Send your letter to Please include your name in the file name and your student ID number in the email.  Confirm that you have submitted your department application as well.

Scholarship support is available for graduate studies in the area of synthetic biology for highly qualified individuals applying to the program.  We encourage all applicants to apply for scholarships. 

Being accepted to SynBioApps does not guarantee acceptance at the university, but being accepted into the program with an awarded fellowship will have a positive impact on your academic application.


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