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Lorraine O'Donnell

Lorraine O'Donnell, PhD

Senior Research Associate and Advisor, QUESCREN
Affiliate Assistant Professor, School of Community and Public Affairs, Concordia University

Lorraine O'Donnell, PhD, leads QUESCREN's day-to-day operations. For details of her research activities, please see her faculty profile.

Patrick Donovan

Patrick Donovan, PhD

Research Associate and Advisor, QUESCREN

Patrick Donovan has worked on projects for the Quebec English-Speaking Communities Research Network (QUESCREN) since 2010. His PhD thesis in history (Université Laval) deals with the evolution of ethno-religious boundaries within charitable networks for Quebec City’s English-speakers. He has a Master's degree in Heritage Preservation (Université de Montréal), and played an instrumental role in the restoration and establishment of the Morrin Centre, an English-language cultural centre and heritage site in Quebec City. 

DONOVAN, Patrick, Anne Robineau, Éric Forgues and Lorraine O’Donnell, editors (2023, forthcoming). Patrimoine, mémoire et vitalité des minorités linguistiques / Heritage, Memory and Vitality of Linguistic Minorities. Minorités linguistiques et société / Linguistic Minorities and Society (forthcoming).

DONOVAN, Patrick (2022). The Best Treated Minority in the World: Historical and discursive analysis of a cliché. QUESCREN Working Paper no.5, March 2022. Also available in French.

Forgues, Éric, Patrick DONOVAN, Érik Labelle Eastaugh and Lorraine O’Donnell, editors (2021). 50 ans de mise en oeuvre de la Loi sur les langues officielles : bilan et perspectives / 50 Years of Implementing the Official Languages Act: Review and Prospects. Minorités linguistiques et société / Linguistic Minorities and Society 17.

O'Donnell, Lorraine, Patrick DONOVAN, and Brian Lewis, editors (2021). La Charte. La loi 101 et les Québécois d’expression anglaise / The Charter: Bill 101 and English-Speaking QuebecQuebec: Presses de l’Université Laval.

Ciamarra, Nadine and Patricia Lamarre with Patrick DONOVAN and Lorraine O'Donnell (2021). Series of research briefs and reference documents on English-language education in Quebec. Montreal: Quebec English-Speaking Communities Research Network.

DONOVAN, Patrick (2020). The Philanthropist: The Life and Legacy of Jeffery Hale. Quebec, Jeffery Hale Foundation.

DONOVAN, Patrick (2019). The Boundaries of Charity: The Impact of Ethnic Relations on Private Charitable Services for Quebec City’s English-speakers, 1759-1900. PhD Thesis, Université Laval.

Cooper, Celine, Patrick DONOVAN and Lorraine O’Donnell (2019). Employment of English-speakers in Quebec’s Public Service. QUESCREN Working Paper no.1, October 2019. Also available in French.

Blair, Louisa, Patrick DONOVAN and Donald Fyson (2016). Iron Bars and Bookshelves: A history of the Morrin Centre. Montreal: Baraka Books. Available in French as Étagères et Barreaux de fer. Quebec: Septentrion.

DONOVAN, Patrick (2016). Irish Famine Orphans in CanadaThe Canadian Encyclopedia. Also available in French.

DONOVAN, Patrick (2016). Le rôle des institutions charitables et religieuses dans la construction identitaire irlandaise à Québec: le cas du Saint Bridget's Asylum Association, 1856-1906Cahiers de l’ÉDIQ: 3, 2.

DONOVAN, Patrick (2016). Mouvance des frontières ethniques et religieuses dans les organismes d'assistance anglophones de la région de Québec: Analyse historique du Saint Brigid's Home et du Ladies' Protestant Home. Cahiers de l’ÉDIQ: 3, 1.

DONOVAN, Patrick (2016). A Forgotten Tragedy: Quebec City and the Fall of Hong Kong. Society Pages [magazine of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec] 48, Spring 2016. Also served as guest editor for this “Battle of Hong Kong 75th anniversary commemorative issue.”

DONOVAN, Patrick (2015). English-Speaking QuebecersThe Canadian Encyclopedia. Also available in French.

DONOVAN, Patrick (2015). L’hôpital Jeffery Hale : 150 ans de relations interethniquesCap-aux-diamants: 121, printemps 2015.


Anita Aloisio

Research Associate, QUESCREN

Anita Aloisio is a documentary filmmaker, media cultural correspondent and solicited speaker. She holds a BA in Communications Studies and an MA in Media Studies, both from Concordia University. Her media and research work examine issues of immigration, language and politics particular to Quebecois and Canadian society. Recently she has delved into exploring the creative process of artists belonging to the Italian diaspora and completed her feature about the topic: Calliari, QC, available on CBC Gem.

Lina Shoumarova

Research Associate, QUESCREN (on leave until March 2024)

Lina is a two-time Concordia graduate with Master's degrees in Educational Studies (2020) and Media Studies (2007). She has worked in the field of education for ten years in various capacities – as an university instructor, educator and tutor for high school and elementary school students, workshop facilitator for adult learners, administrator, researcher and writer. Her research interests concern literacy, alternative forms of education and the cultural dynamics of language, particularly as they play out in the field of publishing and in the book as an object.

Anna Hunt 

Research Associate, QUESCREN

Anna holds a Master's degree in Educational Technology (Concordia University) and a Bachelor's degree in French and English Studies (University of Liverpool, UK). She has over 7 years experience working with students, learning professionals and educational institutions, with roles spanning facilitation, coordination and education in the public, non-profit and culture sectors. Anna first worked with QUESCREN as their Event Technology Manager at the Minority Community Vitality Through Education forum, and joined the team on a full-time basis as their Knowledge Mobilization Officer in July 2019.  

Shannon Bell

Research Associate, QUESCREN

Shannon Bell is a trained journalist with a track record of making research accessible. She has worked for news and magazine publications in her native United States and holds a master’s degree in public administration (University of New Mexico). She also has extensive knowledge of English-speaking communities around the province, having worked for English-speaking community organizations in Montreal and Trois-Rivières. She is vice-president of the board of directors of the Yellow Door, a grassroots intergenerational community organization in the heart of Montreal.



Ana Gomez

Ana Gomez

Office Coordinator and Community Knowledge Open Library (CKOL) Project Officer, QUESCREN

Ana Gomez holds a Master's degree in Public Policy and Public Administration (Concordia University) and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology (Concordia University). Ana joined QUESCREN in May 2018 to coordinate the team's office. She is also the Coordinator at the Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy (Concordia University).

John Dickson

John Dickson

Financial Officer, QUESCREN

John Dickson joined QUESCREN in October 2019 as our part-time Project Financial Officer and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a minor in Commerce. He has 35 years of experience working in higher education, and is a strong program and project management professional skilled in Educational Management, Educational Technology, Instructional Design, Curriculum Development, and Student Affairs. Before retiring in 2018, his last 15 years were concentrated in the operations and administration of Concordia University Continuing Education.

Trinh Thuy Nguyen

Trinh Thuy Nguyen

Videographer, QUESCREN

Trinh Thuy Nguyen joined QUESCREN as a videographer and editor in July 2023, having previously worked in the Marketing and Advertising field in Vietnam before choosing Concordia University as another study journey. She has a passion for learning about sustainable development and immigration, as well as projects related to social justice and sustainable society. She is currently finishing her BA in Community, Public Affairs, and Policy Studies.

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