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in the Centre for Applied Synthetic Biology 

About the research

Research projects will be supported by the expertise in place in the research groups of the principal investigators, and Canada’s first Genome Foundry for Synthetic Biology research facility.

Dr. David Kwan will be considering M.Sc. or Ph.D. candidate applications in either the Chemistry & Biochemistry Program or the Biology Program, pursuing research in Chemical & Synthetic Biology. The research project will explore the function and engineering of enzymes and specific topics may include the characterization and directed evolution of enzymes that assemble and degrade carbohydrates and bioactive glycosylated molecules.

Dr. Aashiq Kachroo is looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic graduate students. The Kachroo laboratory is a systems and synthetic biology group interested in engineering human genetic processes in simplified cells like yeast.

Dr. Vincent Martin is inviting candidates to apply for graduate and postdoctoral research positions. The project will revolve around the metabolic engineering of yeast strains with applications in chemicals and natural products.

Dr. Steve Shih has open positions for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, and Synthetic Biology. Projects use miniaturization technologies, such as microfluidics, and automation approaches and techniques to solve challenges related to health, energy, and synthetic biology.

The selected candidates will receive a generous funding offer.  Available offers may include: a Concordia University Graduate Fellowship (PhD) of $10,800 per year for 3-years, a Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence (PhD) valued at $35,949, a Merit Scholarship (MSc or PhD) of $10,000 for 1-year, a Concordia Horizon Postdoctoral fellowship (PDF) valued at $47,500 per year plus benefits for 2-years, and Out-Of Province Tuition Remissions (MSc) valued at $6,000.

The successful candidates will be integrated into the team of researchers and students and will have various opportunities to present at conferences, write articles and join a thriving network of researchers and students.


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Ayanna Ryan
Coordinator, Graduate Recruitment, Admissions and Retention
Faculty of Arts and Science

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