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Reminder: We are currently accepting applications for our Funding & Support program. The deadline to submit your project is Sunday, November 29, 2020.

The SHIFT Centre for Social Transformation supports existing and emerging social transformation initiatives that unite the efforts of Concordians and their partners with the goal of creating a more just, inclusive, and broadly prosperous Montreal.

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We're now accepting applications for SHIFT's Funding and Support Program

Are you working on a socially transformative project with a multi-stakeholder team? Is your project making a tangible impact on a community-identified issue and striving for long-term systemic change?

SHIFT will be awarding a total of $120,000 to 8 projects.
Interested teams are encouraged to apply by November 29.


Recognizing the inherent complexity of working across differences in power and practices to tackle major societal challenges, we strive to create the conditions for success by:

Facilitating connections between Concordians and external stakeholders;

Funding and accompanying multi-stakeholder collaborations; and

Creating opportunities for deep knowledge sharing

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