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We would like to express our deepest thanks to our sponsors, who are supporting the CBGRC financially. Their generosity ensures the continuation of this annual event.

20th CBGRC is generously sponsored by



AK Scientific



Fisher Scientific



Concordia University Faculty of Arts and Science



Concordia University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry



Concordia University Faculty of Arts and Science - Dean of Research and Graduate Studies



Concordia University Alumni Association



VWR - We Enable Science



PALL - Life Sciences


CIC The Materials Division



STREM Chemicals, Inc.
ACP Chemicals - Canada Worldwide



Agilent Technologies
Freedom 55 Financial



Air Liquide - Creative Oxygen


CIC Analytical Division
CIC Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Division
CIC Inorganic Division



CIC Macromolecular Science and Engineering Division
Nelson Publishing
CIC Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Division



Concordia University - Department of Physics
Concordia University - Centre for biological Applications of Mass Spectrometry



Centre in Green Chemistry and Catalysis
Concordia University Stores

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