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Guest speakers

Angelo Filosa, Ph.D.

President at PerkinElmer Health Sciences Canada and Member of CBGRC Founding Committee

I Graduated…What’s Next?

Dr Hyster

During this presentation, you’ll hear about the different opportunities available for science students to transition into industry with an emphasis on the life sciences. A description of the traditional paths charted by students in research environments, to a look at alternative careers in science that exist outside of the traditional path. Discover the importance of matching skills with jobs and market needs by building your brand and have a chance to ask questions to discover potential new directions for your career.


Angelo Filosa is the President of PerkinElmer Health Sciences Canada and the Global Portfolio Director for OneSource Professional and Technology Services, where he consults for a variety of organizations – helping to improve lab efficiencies and develop strategic roadmaps for operational improvement initiatives. Prior to PerkinElmer, he was an Associate Director in Chemistry at Boehringer Ingelheim leading analytical chemistry and compound management groups. He also worked in drug development with Eli Lilly and in drug discovery at AstraZeneca. He holds a PhD in Chemistry from Concordia University and is black belt certified in Lean Six Sigma.

Alumni Networking Panel

  • Prof. Rafik Naccache
  • Mr. Mina Ibrahim
  • Prof. Fiorenzo Vetrone
  • Dr. Donald Paquette
  • Dr. Sean Hughes
  • Dr. Kathryn Balind
  • Dr. Brigitte Desharnais
  • Dr. John Manioudakis
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