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Presenter information


Early bird registration will be held from August 19th to September 19th at a reduced price of 50$. Afterwards, regular registration is 75$ for presenters. Registration at $75 includes access to all presentations as well as a light breakfast, a catered lunch box, coffee breaks, and hors d’oeuvres and unlimited beverages at the wine and cheese.

Non-presenter tickets are now available for a fee of 40$, these tickets include access to all presentations as a viewer, keynote speakers, light breakfast, a catered lunch box, coffee breaks  and unlimited drinks at the closing wine and cheese.

We are bringing the conference hybrid where the online portion of the conference will be limited in presenter space, in total we will be accepting 20 oral presentation slots at a registration fee of 20$ to fill the online conference schedule. These spots are reserved for presenters who are immunocompromised or out of province and MUST reach out to the head organizers ( specifying this prior to their submission under this category, only participants who have emailed will be given these slots. If the slots are already filled and you still wish to attend the virtual portion of the conference you will be able to for the same registration fee (20$). The limited conference access will allow you to see presentations in a zoom room throughout the day on the day of the conference and watch live the keynote speech, a meeting password will be required to access the meeting.


Call for abstracts

Please register for either an oral presentation (10-12 minutes with a short question period) or a poster presentation (120 x 90 cm poster maximum). If you are presenting in the online session you must present an ORAL presentation.

Unless you are contacted directly, all participants will be scheduled to give the type of presentation (oral or poster) that they register for upon abstract submission. All abstract submissions are accepted for presentation until maximum capacity is reached. The CBGRC organizing committee reserves the right to change your presentation type (with ample notice) in the event of extenuating circumstances, you will be contacted in this event.

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