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Registration is $50 for students until October 22nd, 2018 for early registration and is $65 until October 29th, 2018 for late registration. Registration includes a lunch and access to the post-conference wine and cheese. Anyone with specific dietary requirements should clearly indicate this on the Registration Form.

Call for abstracts

Oral presentations are 10-12 minutes in length with a 3 minute question period. Equipment for PowerPoint (MS Office 2007), slide or transparency presentations are available. Speakers however are reminded to have backup presentations in the event of technical difficulties. Speakers will be signalled at the 15 minute mark in order to close their talk.  

The size for all poster boards is 4' x 4' (height x width). All posters should measure less than 4' x 4'. Thumbtacks will be available to prop up posters. Presenters are encouraged to stand by their posters between the times indicated in the schedule.

Please provide abstracts in both English and French (if possible). Abstracts must be no longer than 200 words for each translation (i.e. 400 words total).

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