Funding Disbursement Hub

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The Fund Disbursement Hub ensures that SHIFT’s funding opportunities act as efficient mechanisms to identify potential partnerships with promising initiatives, and provide ongoing support to members of the SHIFT Learning Community. Members contribute their expertise and perspectives to increase accessibility and transparency of SHIFT’s funding processes and evaluate their effectiveness. 

Picture of Amanda Vincelli

Amanda Vincelli

Picture of Richenda Grazette

Richenda Grazette
Steering Committee Liaison



Picture of Rain Hye

Why is community leadership important for SHIFT?
“Community leadership requires the ability to listen, step back and understand where there are gaps that need to be filled. It’s necessary that community takes the lead in SHIFT’s decision-making because we are the ones who understand where there is need and how best to address that need.”
- Rain Hye

Picture of Chesline Pierre-Paul

Chesline Pierre-Paul

Picture of Susan Edey

Susan Edey
SHIFT Staff Member

Governance Hub

Governance Hub members are passionate about how healthy organizational processes and decision-making structures can contribute positively to social change. Their work is focused on ensuring that SHIFT’s governance model is of greatest possible benefit to our mission, and on sharing what we’re learning at SHIFT with others interested in the transformative power of alternative governance systems.

Picture of Kristen Young

Kristen Young

Picture of Goving Gopakumar

Govind Gopakumar
Steering Committee Liaison



Picture of Cheryl Gladu

What motivated you to join the SHIFT Governance Hub?
“Being part of the Hub is an opportunity for me to explore how less bureaucratic forms of governance can evolve within an existing structure and the impact this can have on and with the broader community.”
- Cheryl Gladu

Picture of Doris Nyilidandi

Doris Nyilidandi

Picture of Stephanie Childs

Stephanie Childs
SHIFT Staff Member 

Member roles

Each program hub consists of four to six members of the SHIFT community. Members are recruited on an annual basis or as needed. 

  • SHIFT staff member: Holds the responsibility of driving forward the operational component of the program area, bringing questions of strategic importance to the hub, and providing relevant information to other hub members. Acts as liaison with the SHIFT staff team to ensure coherence between program areas at an operational level. 
  • Hub members: Provide input, give feedback and approve major strategic decisions related to the program area. Hub members contribute actively to the success of the program area according to the skills and expertise they bring to the group (e.g. facilitating connections through their networks, on-boarding new hub members, conducting research, etc.)
  • Steering Committee liaison: Holds the same decision-making authority as other hub members, but has the additional responsibility of acting as an information conduit between the Steering Committee and the Hub.
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