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Living on the air

Concordia grads are all over the airwaves in Canada’s two largest cities
October 22, 2019
By Richard Burnett, BA 88

Sabrina Marandola recently launched a new afternoon-drive show on CBC Montreal. John Moore is a top-rated AM radio host in Toronto, while Andrew Carter and Elias Makos have AM morning shows in Montreal. Radio and TV personality Anne-Marie Withenshaw is familiar to French-language listeners and viewers in Montreal. 

How did Concordia help prepare them for what can be a gruelling career? And why is it much tougher than most people think?

Sabrina Marandola, BA 03

Sabrina Marandola lights up the Montreal airwaves

‘I loved my time at Concordia, I thought it was a great program. I loved that teachers were working journalists.’

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Andrew Carter, BA 84

Andrew Carter comes out on top

‘Being a journalism student allowed me to intern at CJAD, and that’s how I got my foot in the door and my first job.’

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John Moore, BA 88

How John Moore became the toast of Toronto

‘I am a huge Concordia booster and Communications is still everything to me. I loved doing the degree.’

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Elias Makos, BA 04

Elias Makos hits a grand slam

‘When I look at my career, everything came out of Concordia, and all the connections I made there.’

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Anne-Marie Withenshaw, BA 02

Courting celebrity with Anne-Marie Withenshaw

‘Concordia gave me a good group of peers I still work with today and really shaped my way of storytelling.’

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