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Our Concordia community is FULL of accomplished alumni with diverse backgrounds, experience and success stories – almost 200,000 of them!

Get insight from them and soon YOU can help inspire others too.


Speak Out conference

Watch for our “Speak Out” conference this spring starring accomplished alumni recounting their journey to discovering their own version of success.


Since YOU are technically future alumni, we are giving you the chance to “Speak Out” too. At our second conference in the spring, stand up and motivate the Concordia community with YOUR recipe for success as a current student and future alumni.

Opportunities and resources

At Concordia, we believe that ALL students have the potential to be leaders in their own unique way. Whether you’re working for an association, club or volunteering on campus – we consider you to be a student leader.

Let us help you succeed by giving you insight on special opportunities and resources.


Get opportunities

If you are making a positive impact on campus through extra-curricular activities, we consider you to be a Student Leader. As a Student Leader, you will have access to unique events and opportunities that will encourage your success.

A Student Leader is involved in one or many of the following activities:

  • working for an association or club
  • volunteering on campus
  • assisting Concordia students through various means
  • working on a project that impacts student life
  • and more… let us know if you are involved in something that is not included on this list!

Get on the list to be considered for these events and opportunities.

Get resources

Whether you’re involved on campus and looking for support or you’re simply interested in learning more about leadership – we are here to help.

Join our mailing list for advice and tips on student life. Our Leadership Guide: Marketing Your Experience is coming soon.

Student initiatives and achievements

We love it when students make an impact, big or small! We want to build awareness around student initiatives and achievements and recognize you or someone you know.

If you want recognition for your student cause, if you’re working on a unique project or if you’ve won an award, let us know!

Here are the ways we can recognize you:

  • In-person meeting and interview
  • News article published for on the Concordia website and in the NOW newsletter
  • Shout-out on social media platforms

Note – only selected applicants will receive all three forms; most may receive one or two.


Recognition for a CAUSE

You’re volunteering on campus for a great student cause. That’s fantastic! Let us help spread the word.

This is what we consider a student cause:

  • Student-led group of volunteers
  • Involves two or more people
  • Aims to make a positive impact on Concordia students or the surrounding community
  • Work is continuous throughout the year or repeats every year

Recognition for a PROJECT

You had a great idea and managed to make it happen. Good job! Tell us what it is and we’ll recognize you and your project.

This is what we consider a student project:

  • Led by one person to a group of people
  • Benefits a group of Concordia students
  • Furthers student welfare on campus
  • Has a completion date

Recognition for an AWARD

You’ve just won an award. Congratulations! Let us know what it is – we’d love to know more about it and recognize you for this great achievement.

This is what we consider an award:

  • Trophy, medal, plaque or prize that recognizes your excellence in a certain field
  • Includes awards offered by Concordia and outside of Concordia
  • Scholarships and bursaries are not included

Supporting Student Projects

Need funding for your project idea? The Concordia University Alumni Association (CUAA) prides itself on supporting student initiatives and encouraging your success.

Applications are reviewed three times a year and are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • You must attend an information session to be considered – we will contact you to schedule this session. 
  • The project must benefit a group of Concordia students.
  • The project must further student welfare on campus.
  • Applicants must be full/part time Concordia students or a recognized Concordia student association.
  • The project must promote an awareness of the CUAA and its student benefits and services.
  • Trips to conferences and competitions are not eligible for funding.

All applicants will be informed via email whether or not their proposal has been approved.


How to apply

Prepare the following documents in ELECTRONIC FORMAT (MS Word or PDF):

  • Letter of intent (approx 250 words) which describes the project in detail: its main objectives and how it meets the evaluation criteria listed above.
  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Letters of support (optional but recommended)

Once you have these documents:

  1. Submit your online application.
  2. Email your electronic documents to
  3. Send any hard copy documents by mail or drop-off:

CUAA Application for Student Project Funding
c/o: Beth McKenna, Alumni Officer - Student and Young Alumni
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Suite FB-520
Montreal, QC H3G 1M8


1250 Guy St., Suite 520 (5th floor)

Important dates

Deadline for submissions Disbursement of funds
September 23 October
November 18 December
January 27 February
March 24 April

Once accepted

Once you have received confirmation that your funding has been accepted, please do the following:

Thank Alumni Relations on any social media platforms your group may use. If you are holding an event, you may do this before or after the event takes place. Please include our hashtag or tag us as appropriate: 

  • Hashtag: #CUalumni
  • Twitter handle: @ConcordiaAlumni
  • Facebook page:

If you are holding an event, please send 2-3 photos of the event to the email:

Thank you! We look forward to seeing your applications. 

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