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Upon graduation, all degree, diploma and certificate holders of Concordia University become members for life.

An individual who has completed at least 30 credits at any these institutions and has not been enrolled in courses for at least one year is considered an non-graduate with full alumni privileges.

The CUAA works with Alumni Relations to bring all graduates many perks and programs, including:

  • many on- and off-campus benefits and services
  • a valuable mentor program
  • enjoyable reunions and stimulating chapter events
  • great networking opportunities
  • a chance to help current students through fundraising efforts
  • complimentary subscription to the Concordia University Magazine

Board of directors

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CUAA - Board of directors Front row: Caroline Samne, Diane Demers, Miranda Melfi, Vicki Variantzas, Sonia Di Maulo, Kim Fuller, John Limeburner, Tania De Capua, Steve Avram, Nancy Chui, Helen Downie, Sunil Manjunath
Back row: Jameson Jones-Doyle, Daniel Doran, David Kierans
: Jaymee Shell, Patrick Van de Wille, Linda Donnini, Linda Renaud, Katrina Lukaitis, Philippe Pourreaux, Stephanie Tsirgiotis
Executive Committee

Kim Fuller, BFA 96

Immediate Past President
Philippe Pourreaux, BComm 00

Corporate Secretary
Miranda Melfi, BComm 86

John Limeburner, BComm 68

Executive Vice-President


Vice-President, Students and Young Alumni
Helen Downie, BA 11

Vice-President, Strategic Initiatives
Stephanie Tsirgiotis, BA 07

President, Loyola Alumni Founding Chapter
John Limeburner, BComm 68

President, Sir George Williams University Alumni Founding Chapter
Steve Avram, BEng 71, MEng 85

  • Nancy Chui BA 08
  • Tania De Capua, BComm 11
  • Daniel Doran, MBA 16
  • Sonia Di Maulo, BA 94, MA 01   
  • Linda Donnini, BSc 91
  • Jameson Jones-Doyle, BA 08, MSc 12
  • David Kierans, BA 75
  • Katrina Lukaitis, MA 10, BFA 08
  • Sunil Manjunath, MEng 13
  • Jaymee Shell, BSc 14
  • Caroline Samne, MA 03
  • Patrick Van de Wille, BA 91
  • Vicki Variantzas, BA 96


Nancy Wada
Alumni Officer, Board and volunteer management
514-848-2424, ext. 3882

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